Sky Pirates of Tyria

The new Sky Pirates of Tyria meta-event is out today on Guild Wars 2, along with many trait changes and balances across all professions. Personally, I think rangers got the worst deal. Almost all their damage dealing pets had their damage nerfed by more than 50%.

The new story dungeon, Aetherblade Retreat, is requires 5 members and follows borrows some concepts from Canach’s Lair in a previous meta-event, The Secret of Southsun. There are mines, traps and puzzles in addition to a new type of enemy, the Aetherblade. I only tried it myself for a short time. My party got fed up at the last boss of the dungeon. 😦

Besides the story dungeon, there are new achievements linked to finding caches in jumping puzzles all over Tyria. Guarding these caches are Aetherblade, and killing 50 of them in each region nets a respective achievement. Killing 250 Aetherblade across all regions gives you another achievement. There are several optional achievements for pulling stunts in the story dungeon such as saluting the final boss in the fight. Getting 12 out of 25 of these achievements earn you the meta achievement and a Mini Horrik miniature. (Horrik is the last boss of the dungeon) The reward isn’t worth the trouble of getting the meta achievement if you ask me, but completionists may want the achievements anyway.

A more interesting achievement that was added to the Explorer category is the History Buff. All you have to do is find 12 Mariner Plaques and you get a Sea of Sorrows book item that gives five skill points to the character that uses it! 11 of the plaques are located in Lion’s Arch and the final plaque is located in Malchor’s Leap in Orr. Overall, this is a very easy way to obtain five skill points and an achievement. The only requirement is having a character that has access to Malchor’s Leap or is close to level 80 to survive the journey there. Alternatively, you could ask a bunch of friends or guildmates to run you there, but expect to die a lot.



For a full walkthrough to the location of these plaques, check out Duffy’s awesome guide.using this link: . Many thanks to Duffy for putting together such a great guide!

Since today’s set of daily achievements include three skill points accumulated, I got to thinking. Would using the Sea of Sorrows item which grant five skill points count toward this daily? For those of you who haven’t fulfilled the skill points daily achievement and have the item, try it out! I’m gonna wait till next week since I already did my dailies. 🙂


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