Holographic Dragon Wings

Finally got my Holographic Dragon Wings to drop from a centaur in Harathi Hinterlands today. 🙂 Now my Sylvari Ranger has a nice backpiece too.


There are two exclusive backpieces that can be obtained during the Dragon Bash meta-event which started on June 11 and lasts until July 9.

  • Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings: Complete the Dragon Bash meta achievement which required 8 out of 14 of the achievements possible.
  • Holographic Dragon Wings: Random rare drop from world enemies, random rare loot in Dragon Coffers or Rich Dragon Coffers, and can be bought from the event vendor in Lion’s Arch for 100 Jorbreakers (100,000 Zhaitaffy).

In my opinion, completing the meta-achievement is a lot easier (and cheaper) than accumulating 100,000 Zhaitaffy. I don’t suggest buying Rich Dragon Coffers from the gem store because the increase in chance to obtain the Holographic Dragon Wings is very minimal and not worth the money. Just work on the meta-achievement for the shattered version and be active during the event. I played 30 minutes a day since the event began and it took me 2 weeks to get the Holographic Dragon wings to drop. Just go out and kill stuff and it’ll drop eventually.Having high magic find helps, though I was only on 10% magic find the entire time.


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