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Khilbron’s Phylactery

So today I reached World Rank 27 on my warrior in WvW and the rank reward was an ascended ring, Khilbron’s Phylactery! Normally, you would have to save up 35 laurels and buy it from the laurel vendor but I got it as a reward. YAY! Unfortunately, the stats on it were condition damage (main stat), precision and toughness. Two of the three stats are useless for all of my characters. 😦 Ascended gear are account bound so I can’t sell it on the trading post, nor was I willing to take a risk of salvaging it and getting mithril ores out of it. So I figured I might as well give it to one of my characters.

I have three characters who regularly stack conditions, elementalist, ranger and mesmer. However, I rely on burst damage to kill foes on elementalist and targets rarely survive longer than 3 seconds to make buffing condition damage do anything significant. My mesmer uses sword/sword which does not rely on conditions to do damage, and her secondary weapon, staff, relies on condition variety (focusing on crowd control conditions which do no damage such as daze, cripple, chill etc.) rather than stacking damage dealing conditions like poison, burning and bleeding.

Therefore, the obvious choice was my ranger, whose raw power is much weaker than my other characters but makes up for it in the ability to stack large amounts of bleeding on foes in a very short span of time. Furthermore, the extra precision increases her critical chance, which translates to more bleeding (33% chance to cause bleeding on critical) and stronger pets (give might to pet on critical).


Mini Candidates

When you complete the meta-achievements for the Cutthroat Politics living story, you get unique exotic miniatures in the form of Ellen Kiel and Evon Gnashblade. Here is a picture of Mini Ellen Kiel.



And here is a picture of Mini Evon Gnashblade. He’s so cute and fuzzy! ❤



If you’re looking to complete the ‘daily achievements while supporting a candidate’ achievements quicker, here’s a trick. The set of daily achivements and daily PvP achievements count as separate sets, so completing both sets contributes twice to a  ‘daily achievements while supporting a candidate’ achievement! Remember to have the correct candidate support buff active when you complete the last achievement of a set.

Desert Rose

One of the new back skins you can redeem from the Fortune Scrap vendor in Labyrinth Cliffs is the Desert Rose. It is basically the Fervid Censer from Secrets of Southsun living story but the rose is red instead of white. It looks really pretty! Here is a picture of my mesmer with the Desert Rose. Desert Roses can be bought for 200 Fortune Scraps or obtained as a very rare drop in Southsun Survival.


Survival Mastery

The new Guild Wars 2 living story, Cutthroat Politics, is out. And with it comes two new minigames with achievements, Southsun Survival and Aspect Arena. Here are some of my own tips to dominate both these minigames.

  • Southsun Survival

The aim of the game is to outlast all other players on a map (which is Southsun Cove, by the way). Throughout the game, your health will constantly decrease due to a condition known as Hunger. You can regain health by eating a Ration, obtained from harvesting Passiflora all over the map. There are also weapons scattered across the map which you use to kill other players. If you die, you become a wisp who can collect revenge motes visible only to wisps and use these motes to lay traps for players still alive.

All players will start in a ing around the main campfire in the middle of the map. Near the campfire will be assorted weapons. At the start of the match you will see players running towards the campfire to collect the weapons and an all-out brawl ensues.

What you wanna do is run AWAY from the campfire in the southeast direction and gather as many rations as you can from passiflora. Since passiflora take an extremely long time to respawn (sometimes the match will end before passiflora respawn), you want as many rations as possible while denying other players a chance to gain rations. Once you have approximately five or six rations you can run into the water (avoid the karka!) and stay underwater. The other players will kill themselves or die of hunger with no rations. Only resurface to eat a ration when your health is less than 200 and when there is no other player around. Even if they do dive underwater they can’t use their weapons to kill you so just swim away. Staying underwater also keeps you out of sight from wisps (invisible to players still alive) and traps cannot be deployed underwater. This method is failproof provided you resurface in a secluded area to regain health. The small isle in the southeast part of the map will do nicely.

  • Aspect Arena

The aim of the game is to capture crystals and return them to your team’s base nodes. When you enter the map you can choose a set of skills – wind, fire or lightning. Personally, I chose wind because of the invulnerable sprint (useful once you capture a crystal) and knockback (you can instantly kill players by knocking them off cliffs). Just pick one and master it. This is very team dependant so there’s nothing much you can do if you get a lousy team. You can deny enemy players the points from killing you by jumping off a cliff when you’re low on health. This counts as suicide and the enemy team gets no points.

Master Crafter

I just obtained the Master Crafter title in Guild Wars 2, which requires you to level all eight crafting skills to 400. I carried out a test on a new character to see how much gold it would take to level all crafting skills to 400 without farming any materials and just buying them off the trading post. The result? A whopping 120 gold. So try to farm materials and gather ores, cooking materials and logs wherever possible to avoid using so much gold.

Cassandra Moonfire, the Blossoming Enchantress

My mesmer reached level 80 today, making her my fifth and final level 80 character in Guild Wars 2. I decided to go with a purple dye combination since purple is the official mesmer colour. Here are some pictures. 🙂




Crafting is the Way to Go!

Alright, so after four days, my mesmer is level 75. I levelled mainly by opening up new areas in maps, completing all the city maps, farming dynamic events in Queensdale, WvW and crafting. Speaking of crafting, did you know that the cheapest crafts to level to 400 are artificing, cooking and jewelling? Each costs less than 5 gold to max out.

Illusionary Burden

I recently started a new character in Guild Wars 2, norn mesmer. Mesmer is the most difficult profession to play, but also among the most powerful at endgame. At early levels, they are incredibly weak (wearing light armour) and deal insignificant damage. Their skills take very long to activate and they have the slowest movement speed among all professions with no way of travelling faster except one skill from the focus weapon set. As a result, even taking on a foe two levels lower feels like fighting a champion foe.

However, once traits and utility skills open up, mesmers become more fun to play and can survive several foes at a time. Here are some tips to survive the first few early levels on mesmer.

  • Do not attempt to level by killing world foes. Instead, focus on alternative exp gaining activities such as completing hearts that require minimal foe contact, reviving fallen allies, gathering, and crafting.
  • Participate in dynamic events. Good places to farm dynamic events are Wayfarer Foothills and Queensdale.
  • Tag along with other people whenever possible. Mesmers have very strong support abilities.
  • Update your equipment very frequently at low levels. Buy new weapons every five levels. Once you reach level 20 or so, you can start updating gear less frquently.
  • Buy Minor Sigils of Bloodlust. 25 stacks on minor bloodlust give 125 power, which is a huge damage boost (50% more damage at level one!) at low levels.
  • Preferably use ranged weapons such as staff, sceptre, greatsword, focus and pistol at low levels. Avoid going into melee range with sword until you unlock traits. While torch may be a reasonable choice at low levels, it will lose its effectiveness at middle to higher levels.
  • Kite foes, even seemingly weak ones like cows and deers. One hit from a level two foe takes away 50% of your health at level one.

Ooh, Shiny!

For people with over 3000 achievement points, today is the day you will unlock the seventh achievement chest which comes with a choice of an exclusive gauntlet skin, either Radiant Vambraces or Hellfire Vambraces. Hellfire Vambraces looks very similar to Citadel of Flame gauntlets, therefore I chose Radiant Vambraces, which is all glowy and shiny. They go really well with the white crystalline look of Zenith weapons. These exclusive gauntlet skins can be applied to any armour class once you unlock them. Here are some pictures of all my characters with Radiant Vambraces.





Ambient Killer Achievement Guide

Ambient Killer is a daily achievement that requires you to kill 30 indiscriminate creatures. Indiscriminate creatures are wildlife such as rabbits, racoons, hawks, snow owls, ravens, rats, does, crabs, salmon and so on. They have names appearing in white, do not attack, have extremely low health to the point where they can be killed in one hit most of the time, take many times more damage than a regular foe, do not give exp and do no drop loot. The quickest way to get this achievement is to find an area with a high population of indiscriminate creatures with low respawn timers. There are two such areas which can be reached easily even with low level characters.

  • Vale Waypoint in Queensdale: There is a ranch nearby this waypoint with a lot of chickens running around. If you go slightly south, you will encounter a small pool with coba salmon. There are does in the forest next to the pool. If you decide to venture further, follow the road to Claypool, which has a significant number of pigs, chickens and rats. All these creatures count toward the achievement.
  • Horncall Waypoint in Wayfarer Foothills: Climb the stairs nearby the waypoint to the skill challenge. There is a large population of quick respawning raven all around the skill challenge. Since nearby ravens will take flight and land somewhere else if you kill a raven, it is advisable to use a ranged weapon to have an easier time of attacking these creatures.

Other than these two areas, generally most towns and farms have high populations of indiscriminate creatures. Note that you cannot attack indiscriminate creatures in cities since their names will appear in green.

The two areas mentioned above are also good places to farm indiscriminate creature kills for the Indiscriminate Slayer achievement (1000 indiscriminate kills). But most likely you will reach that amount by the time you reach level 80 provided you kill every indiscriminate creature you encounter while levelling, therefore it is not necessary to farm indiscriminate creatures unless you really want that achievement.