Monthly Achievement Guide: July 2013

Completing a monthly achievement in Guild Wars 2 awards huge experience and karma points, and 10 laurels. Only four out of the seven listed achievements (which change each month) need to be fulfilled to complete the monthly achievement. This month’s set of achievements looks particularly challenging, so I thought I’d share my personal method of completing it.

Most monthly achievements can be completed fairly quickly in Queensdale, a level 1 – 15 Krytan zone. Queensdale is easily accessible even for new characters since it can be reached directly from Divinity’s Reach (human city).

  • Monthly WvW Player Kills

If you play in WvW a lot, this can be achieved with reasonable ease. However, this is very dependent on character profession, player skill, world community’s skill and activity, and which worlds your world is facing for the week. Therefore, this isn’t a reliable achievement but it can be completed in a month if you spend at least an hour in WvW a day.

  • Monthly Event Participation

As stated earlier, Queensdale has many easy events with short timers. You need 100 events (includes group events) to complete this achievement. New characters may want to clear the map or obtain all the waypoints before starting on this achievement to make it easier to warp around the map.

  • Skill Point Amasser

Possibly the hardest achievement to complete (especially for level 80 characters who would have obtained most skill points around the world), the best way to get this achievement is to start a new character and level up. You obtain one skill point every time you level up starting from level 5. For people who held on to the Sea of Sorrows item (History Buff achievement reward), now would be a good time to use it to get a five skill point headstart. Note that only level 80 characters can use Sea of Sorrows.

  • Monthly Salvage Kit Uses

An easy (but tedious and possibly costly) achievement to obtain. Just play normally and salvage all equipment and salvage materials you get. For rich (or impatient) players, you can browse the trading post for cheap equipment and buy in bulk to salvage. This method will result in a net loss of gold but is the fastest way to complete this achievement. Once you complete this achievement, store all future salvage materials you get in the bank so you can get a headstart on next month’s monthly salvage kit uses achievement (this is a guaranteed recurring monthly achievement).

  • Champion Slayer

Queensdale has many champion mobs that are accessible and have quick respawn timers such as Champion Troll, Champion Wasp Queen, Champion Bandit Lieutenant, Champion Corrupted Oakheart, Champion Dire Boar and the world boss for the zone, Shadow Behemoth. Watch out for player shouts of champion spawns and warp to the nearest waypoint to the champion.

  • Monthly Dungeon Participation

The second hardest achievement to complete, especially if you don’t have a high level characteror cannot play during active hours. I am not aiming for this achievement since it is too difficult to find a party for dungeons but if you have a guild or freinds who regularly run dungeons, this should be achievable with reasonable difficulty.

  • Monthly Group Event Completer

All the champions in Queensdale are also group events so this will be completed while doing the other achievements. In addition, group events also count as events in the Monthly Event Participation achievement.


One response to “Monthly Achievement Guide: July 2013

  • Mochan

    Just to share to peopl: The easiest way to complete monthly achievements is to play wvw. Kills can be done in a day. Each tower, camp and even sentry you capture is an event. Towers, keeps and castles have champion lords you kill. With these in mind, I usually complete 4 monthly achievements just from playing wvw for 2-3 days.

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