Of Gems and Jewels

Finished my monthly achivement for July today. Yeah, the easiest way to get Skill Point Amasser is definitely start a new character and run through all the skill challenges in every race’s starting zone. I started this month’s monthly achievement as a level 20 warrior with only Queensdale fully completed. Two days later, my warrior is level 42 and I have most of the skill points from every starting zone.Also, I can verify that using the Sea of Sorrows to gain five skill points instantly DOES count for the monthly achievement (tested with my recently level 80 Sylvari ranger).

The great thing about Guild Wars 2 is that you can level just by doing anything. In fact, it is encouraged to vary your activities to get the most experience points as quickly as possible.   Here is what I usually do in a typical session.

  1. Choose a zone that I have not yet fully cleared and warp to it (or as close as possible using Lion’s Arch Asuran Gates). Exploring zones at your level gives optimal rewards, but exploring zones below your level will also give generous loot, karma and exp. Mobs will still drop equipment relevant to your actual level in lower level zones, so don’t be afraid to explore zones below your level. It may sound like common sense but exploring zones higher than your level is unproductive and even if you do manage to survive mobs there, fights will be long and the rewards you get are capped by your current level.
  2. Take the time to explore as much of the map as possible, completing every heart, skill challenge, point of interest and vista that I come across.
  3. While doing this, keep a lookout for dynamic events. Events give substantial exp (7% of your total exp to next level) and are fun to do, especially since most players will join in when they see an event going on. Most events can be soloed, such as defeating a veteran mob or escort events. Group events should be done with other players. Give a shout to alert other players on the map that a group event has triggered if no one else is around.
  4. When done exploring, enter the Mists (as known as World versus World, or WvW).If commanders are present, follow them and complete objectives. I prefer to do this in Eternal Battlegrounds since it is the biggest and most active WvW map. Completing WvW objectives give exp as well as world exp (used to level your world rank which grants bonus WvW abilities).
  5. When done with WvW, enter Lion’s Arch via the Asuran Gate at your corner of Eternal Battlegrounds. Now is the time to sell your loot, buy new equipment and craft! Crafting is one of the fastest ways to level if you have the proper materials. You should take crafting professions relevant to your profession if you are new to the game. For example, a warrior might take weaponsmithing and armorsmithing to turn materials into equipment usable by warriors. Two crafting professions are not advised for new characters, jewelcrafting and cooking, since they require a large amount of rare and expensive materials. After levelling two or three professions to 80, you would have accumulated enough of jewels (rare drops from mining) and cooking materials (wide variety scattered across the world, some are accountbound and cannot be bought from the trading post, while others are bought with karma from rare vendors) to level these crafting professions efficiently.
  6. Complete personal story steps. Each step you complete gives a massive boost of exp (scales with level), karma and special loot such as Black Lion Keys, Transmutation Crystals and unique equipment.

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