Bazaar of the Four Winds: New Map, New Loot and Achievement Point Cash-In

The next living story content, Bazaar of the Four Winds, is coming to Guild Wars 2 tomorrow. There will be a new map, Zephyr Sanctum, which can only be traversed using three new map-specific elemental skills. Along with that, many new event merchants will be there to sell and trade brand new equipment. It seems that the currency this time is old junk you may have been collecting in your bank so hang on those Zhaitaffy, trash loot and trophy items a little while longer.

The new minigame that is coming along this time involves a horizontal footrace using the three the aforementioned elemental skills to avoid obstacles along a race trek.

Also, the achievements user interface will be getting a makeover and is now easier to browse. Plus, we will finally be able to use those achievement points we’ve been hoarding up to unlock account bonuses, unique skins, laurels and other cool stuff.

For more information, check out the official preview page on Bazaar of the Four Winds here: .


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