Crystals, Kites and Falls, Zephyr Sanctum is Here

The latest living story, Bazaar of the Four Winds is out. You will be sent a mail to show you where you can start this living story in Lion’s Arch. After that, it’s off to a new zone, the Labyrinth Cliffs. The map is one huge jumping puzzle. If you’re not careful, even traversing the map will get you killed by hazards such as waterfalls, cliffs, badly timed jumps, veteran event mobs and very, very, very long falls. To make it worse, there are only two waypoints on the map, one at the base of the cliffs where you enter the map for the first time and the other at the peak of the cliffs. Although the bazaar is technically a town, if you die you have to pay to resurrect at waypoints.

Things to do here include:

  • get to the top of Labyrinth Cliffs while learning how to use the three new elemental movement skills from the aspect masters.
  • meet the six important npcs along the way to the top. Learn more about Belcher’s Bluff, the new activity minigame, from one of those npcs.
  • hunt for Sky Crystals using the elemental movement skills. There are 52 hidden Sky Crystals scattered across the map in hard to reach places, but you only need 40 for the achievement.
  • be wary of examining the unusual merchants’ merchandise on the way up. If you trigger a veteran mob event, you will have to switch out of your elemental movement skill set to engage the mob, which is extremely hard to solo even for level 80s. This may leave you with no way of progressing further up or backtracking besides resurrecting at a waypoint.
  • at the peak, pat yourself on the back for making it all the way to the top! There’s a firebreathing show which occurs randomly once every hour and awards an achievement if you watch the entire show.
  • climb to the highest point in the Zephyr Sanctum airship docked at the peak of Labyrinth Cliffs to find a pair of diving goggles. Dive all the way down for an achievement.
  • you can also take part in Sanctum Sprint, a race where you compete with other players to reach the end of an obstacle course using the three elemental movement skills and a variety of pickups. There are several achievements that can be obtained in Sanctum Sprint, and if you finish the course you get a magnificent chest containing karma, gold and a piece of masterwork equipment. You will get the chest even if you did not place in the top three as long as you finish within the time limit, which shouldn’t be too difficult because if you’re in last place every defensive pickup you collect will be an automatic Light Travel, which teleports you to the next checkpoint. There are 13 checkpoints in total. Every 15 races you take part in, you get a loot bag which contains a piece of rare equipment.
  • trade in your hoards of materials you having gathering dust in the bank to various merchants at the base of the cliffs for Zephyr Sanctum Boxes, which contain quartz crystals and new recipes that use those quartz crystals.
  • mine quartz crystals from quartz crystal formations scattered all over Labyrinth Cliffs. Unlike normal mining nodes, quartz crystal formations take one day to respawn and can be mined using any mining pick.
  • outside of Labyrinth Cliffs, you can hunt for Zephyr Sanctum Kite Baskets in every area except Orr and WvW. There are numerous respawning kite basket nodes in each area that contain quartz crystals and rarely, new recipes and kite fortunes. You can only obtain each basket node once a day. However, it is quite easy to finish the kite basket achievement in one day as you only need to open 60 baskets. Travel to higher level zones where there are less people to find these baskets quicker and easier.
  • convert quartz crystals into charged quartz crystals at places of power. 25 quartz crystals are needed to obtain one charged quartz crystal. Places of power are skill point challenges which you need to commune. The easiest ones to get to are the skill point in the centaur field outside the Shaemoor Garrison waypoint in Queensdale, the skill point on the giant dead wurm at the top of a set of stairs outside the entrace to Hoelbrak in Wayfarer Foothills and the skill point in the castle lord’s room in Stonemist Castle in Eternal Battlegrounds (WvW). Note that this conversion can only be done once a day, so to get the associated achievement, you will need 200 quartz crystals and 8 days.
  • there are seven stolen kites in jumping puzzles all across Tyria. Approach each one to get an achievement.
  • mobs all over Tyria now have a chance of dropping Kite Fortunes. Kite Fortunes give a random 10 minute utility buff (karma, exp, magic find or speed) and one to four, a very rarely fifty, Fortune Scraps. Fortune Scraps can be traded to the event merchant in Labyrinth Cliffs for unique event helm and backpack skins. Alternatively, you can buy Kite Fortunes from the gem store. If you really want the skins, I suggest buying Kite Fortunes in bulk from the gem store since they’re extremely cheap.

Now, for some theorethical discussion. So far, I obtained 10 Kite Fortunes from world mobs (six from normal mobs, two from veteran mobs, two from champion mobs). Of the ten Kite Fortunes I opened, I managed to get two to drop 50 Fortune Scraps. Coincidentally, both of the Kite Fortunes that dropped 50 Fortune Scraps were the ones I got from champion mobs. Does mob rank affect the probability of getting Kite Fortunes that drop more Fortune Scraps? The sample size is too small to prove anything, but it is food for thought.

After opening all ten Kite Fortunes, I had 113 Fortune Scraps. So I bought 25 Kite Fortunes from the gem store for 400 gems (told you they were cheap).Of those 25 Kite Baskets, I got one to drop 50 Fortune Scraps. The rest dropped on average two to three Fortune Scraps. Therefore, it seems that the chance of getting 50 Fortune Scraps from one Kite Basket is 0.04%.

Also, got my Sun Catcher Skin for 150 Fortune Scraps. 🙂 It looks really pretty on my warrior.


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