Illusionary Burden

I recently started a new character in Guild Wars 2, norn mesmer. Mesmer is the most difficult profession to play, but also among the most powerful at endgame. At early levels, they are incredibly weak (wearing light armour) and deal insignificant damage. Their skills take very long to activate and they have the slowest movement speed among all professions with no way of travelling faster except one skill from the focus weapon set. As a result, even taking on a foe two levels lower feels like fighting a champion foe.

However, once traits and utility skills open up, mesmers become more fun to play and can survive several foes at a time. Here are some tips to survive the first few early levels on mesmer.

  • Do not attempt to level by killing world foes. Instead, focus on alternative exp gaining activities such as completing hearts that require minimal foe contact, reviving fallen allies, gathering, and crafting.
  • Participate in dynamic events. Good places to farm dynamic events are Wayfarer Foothills and Queensdale.
  • Tag along with other people whenever possible. Mesmers have very strong support abilities.
  • Update your equipment very frequently at low levels. Buy new weapons every five levels. Once you reach level 20 or so, you can start updating gear less frquently.
  • Buy Minor Sigils of Bloodlust. 25 stacks on minor bloodlust give 125 power, which is a huge damage boost (50% more damage at level one!) at low levels.
  • Preferably use ranged weapons such as staff, sceptre, greatsword, focus and pistol at low levels. Avoid going into melee range with sword until you unlock traits. While torch may be a reasonable choice at low levels, it will lose its effectiveness at middle to higher levels.
  • Kite foes, even seemingly weak ones like cows and deers. One hit from a level two foe takes away 50% of your health at level one.

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