Survival Mastery

The new Guild Wars 2 living story, Cutthroat Politics, is out. And with it comes two new minigames with achievements, Southsun Survival and Aspect Arena. Here are some of my own tips to dominate both these minigames.

  • Southsun Survival

The aim of the game is to outlast all other players on a map (which is Southsun Cove, by the way). Throughout the game, your health will constantly decrease due to a condition known as Hunger. You can regain health by eating a Ration, obtained from harvesting Passiflora all over the map. There are also weapons scattered across the map which you use to kill other players. If you die, you become a wisp who can collect revenge motes visible only to wisps and use these motes to lay traps for players still alive.

All players will start in a ing around the main campfire in the middle of the map. Near the campfire will be assorted weapons. At the start of the match you will see players running towards the campfire to collect the weapons and an all-out brawl ensues.

What you wanna do is run AWAY from the campfire in the southeast direction and gather as many rations as you can from passiflora. Since passiflora take an extremely long time to respawn (sometimes the match will end before passiflora respawn), you want as many rations as possible while denying other players a chance to gain rations. Once you have approximately five or six rations you can run into the water (avoid the karka!) and stay underwater. The other players will kill themselves or die of hunger with no rations. Only resurface to eat a ration when your health is less than 200 and when there is no other player around. Even if they do dive underwater they can’t use their weapons to kill you so just swim away. Staying underwater also keeps you out of sight from wisps (invisible to players still alive) and traps cannot be deployed underwater. This method is failproof provided you resurface in a secluded area to regain health. The small isle in the southeast part of the map will do nicely.

  • Aspect Arena

The aim of the game is to capture crystals and return them to your team’s base nodes. When you enter the map you can choose a set of skills – wind, fire or lightning. Personally, I chose wind because of the invulnerable sprint (useful once you capture a crystal) and knockback (you can instantly kill players by knocking them off cliffs). Just pick one and master it. This is very team dependant so there’s nothing much you can do if you get a lousy team. You can deny enemy players the points from killing you by jumping off a cliff when you’re low on health. This counts as suicide and the enemy team gets no points.


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