Khilbron’s Phylactery

So today I reached World Rank 27 on my warrior in WvW and the rank reward was an ascended ring, Khilbron’s Phylactery! Normally, you would have to save up 35 laurels and buy it from the laurel vendor but I got it as a reward. YAY! Unfortunately, the stats on it were condition damage (main stat), precision and toughness. Two of the three stats are useless for all of my characters. 😦 Ascended gear are account bound so I can’t sell it on the trading post, nor was I willing to take a risk of salvaging it and getting mithril ores out of it. So I figured I might as well give it to one of my characters.

I have three characters who regularly stack conditions, elementalist, ranger and mesmer. However, I rely on burst damage to kill foes on elementalist and targets rarely survive longer than 3 seconds to make buffing condition damage do anything significant. My mesmer uses sword/sword which does not rely on conditions to do damage, and her secondary weapon, staff, relies on condition variety (focusing on crowd control conditions which do no damage such as daze, cripple, chill etc.) rather than stacking damage dealing conditions like poison, burning and bleeding.

Therefore, the obvious choice was my ranger, whose raw power is much weaker than my other characters but makes up for it in the ability to stack large amounts of bleeding on foes in a very short span of time. Furthermore, the extra precision increases her critical chance, which translates to more bleeding (33% chance to cause bleeding on critical) and stronger pets (give might to pet on critical).


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