Monthly Achievement Guide: August 2013

Okay I just completed the August monthly meta-achievement. This month’s achievements are have some regular ones and some incredibly insane ones. Here’s the guide I promised to getting the August monthly meta-achievement done. Remember, you only need to complete four out of the seven possible monthly achievements to obtain the monthly reward chest. However, it is recommended that you try to complete as many of the seven achievements as possible because each monthly achievement rewards a total of ten achievement points when completed (seventy achievement points if you complete all seven monthly achievements).

  • Veteran Slayer

As with last month’s Champion Slayer, all you need to do is kill 100 veteran foes. Veteran foes are found in every zone so just farm your regular spots when you do daily veteran slayer achievements like Veteran Mosshearts south of Twilight Arbor in Caledon Forest, Veteran Elder Dolyaks in the northeast part of Wayfarer Foothills, Veteran Centaur Chieftains in Queensdale and so on. Alternatively, you can run a few dungeons since on each dungeon run you will encounter at least 30 veteran foes. Recently, I realised that WvW is also a good place to farm veterans. You can roam solo or in a small havoc group and kill veteran guards at sentry points, camps and outside towers. There are also many neutral veteran foes such as Veteran Wargs, Veteran Alpha Wolves, Veteran Ice Wurms and many more inhabiting all four maps in WvW. It is not recommended to farm veteran guards outside keeps or Stonemist Castle unless you are with a large zerg.

  • Monthly Salvage Kit Usages

If you followed my advice to stockpile salvage items in your bank after you completed last month’s Monthly Salvage Kit Usages achievement, you should have more than 500 salvage items sitting in your bank waiting to be salvaged. For maximum efficiency and profit, use 20 basic salvage kits to salvage 500 salvage items. There is no point in using higher quality salvage kits since salvage items do not contain runes, sigils or upgrade components; and the difference in chance to obtain higher grade materials is negligible.Once done, start stockpiling salvage items for next month’s Monthly Salvage Kit Usages.

  • Monthly Event Participation

Successfully complete 100 events, failing an event is not counted as completing it. Like last month, the best place for this achievement is Queensdale due to the high player population at any given time. Watch out for shouts for champion spawns and quickly warp to the nearest waypoint and participate in the group event (whcih also counts as an event). Whenever a group event finishes, check nearby event npc spawns. For example, once you finish the Champion Rotting Ancient Oakheart event near Phinney Waypoint, head north across the river to start the “bring skale eggs to Chef Victor” event. This is easily the most overlooked event in Queensdale and most of the time you will be the only one to claim the reward. Besides that, check the ranch east of Vale Waypoint after the Champion Troll event as bandit events are very frequent there. South of Vale Waypoint is a “defend the beehives from bears” event which often triggers as well. Across the river east of the beehives is Ine Duran, an event npc who starts a two event chain in the same cave as the Champion Troll.

Alternatively, WvW is a very good place for Monthly Event Participation because completing objectives such as escorting or destroying a supply caravan, capturing or defending a point (sentry, camp, tower, keep, castle), helping neutral allies and more all count as events for this achievement. If you take part in a large zerg under a good commander, you will be able to complete this event in a few hours.

  • Monthly WvW Player Kills

Kill 50 players in WvW. Use a profession that is level 80 (or as close to level 80 as possible), make sure you have ways to apply Swiftness or have traits and signets that increase movement speed, bring fast attacking long ranged weapons with area of effect skills. Join a zerg and just let this achievement come naturally. When engaging other groups of enemy players, use a large area of effect skill to tag as many enemy players as possible. If another ally kills an enemy player, you will still get credit for the achievement if you did enough damage. For example, when engaging a large enemy zerg, I open with my warrior’s longbow’s Combustive Shot in the middle of the enemy zerg, then switch to dual axes and use Whirling Axes while moving through the enemy zerg. Those two actions alone will have earned me 20 player kills.

  • Puzzle Jumper

This is a very difficult achievement that requires you to complete 12 jumping puzzles. The easiest way I can think of to complete this is to complete the easiest jumping puzzle in Guild Wars 2, Urmaug’s Secret, twelve times. You can only get credit for completing the same jumping puzzle once a day, so complete Urmaug’s Secret on twelve different days. Urmaug’s Secret can be found in a cave in the northeast part of Lion’s Arch.

Edit: It seems that completing the same puzzle multiple times on different days does not count towards this monthly achievement. It must be twelve unique jumping puzzles. Unless you have a mesmer friend, skip this achievement.

  •  Monthly Completionist

Another easy achievement, just complete 4 daily meta-achievements. Since you will be completing daily meta-achievements everyday, let this one come naturally.

  • Fractal Frequenter

Possibly the most insane achievement in Guild Wars 2, this achievement requires you to complete 10 fractals. Unless you have a party where everyone has full legendary and ascended equipment, it is not recommended to attempt this achievement since you will struggle to even finish one fractal and the repair costs will run into hundreds of gold with minimal chance of success.

In conclusion, this month’s meta-achievement can be completed fairly quickly in WvW since Veteran Slayer, Monthly WvW Player kills and Monthly Event Participation can be done in one go here. If you are short of 500 salvage items, the loot bags obtained in WvW should provide the remaining salavge kit usages you need.

On a side note, I bought the Ring of Red Death ascended ring for my mesmer with the laurels I got from the monthly reward chest. Yay! Okay, all the best.


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