Dodge Training

Guild Wars 2 isn’t like other MMORPGs where you can just click attack on a target and stand there until the target dies. Most of the time, if you stand still you will most probably die. This is especially true in higher level areas and endgame content such as dungeons where foes have ridiculously high damage attacks compared to you. Therefore, to even the odds, you as the player are able to dodge and move around to avoid enemy attacks while most (not all) world creatures are not intelligent enough to move out of the way of your attacks.

To truly master Guild Wars 2, one must first master the art of dodging. Dodging is performed by double tapping a movement key. Other ways of avoiding damage include moving out of areas of effect, using skills that grant evasion or move your character, or simply circle strafing.

Today some of my guildmates and I decided to try something different. We ran path one of Citadel of Flame… without armour. Lacking the armour, health and damage bonus from amour forced us to constantly be on the move even while facing unranked foes because one hit taken would be instant death. Overall, it served as very good dodge training since we couldn’t rely on our armour to take hits. The run was a success and I only died once near the end of the final dungeon boss when I dodged two consecutive searing crystal drops into a third crystal drop. On a normal run, I would die approximately four to five times on average because I never bother to move around, trusting in my armour to keep me alive.

The best part about running dungeons naked is that even if you do die, your armour doesn’t get damaged because you aren’t wearing any! So no repair costs. Give naked dungeon runs a try, and you’ll find that the training will make you will take less damage overall and your experience in Guild Wars 2 will be more fun.


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