FAQ: Queen’s Jubilee

Okay, the new living story, Queen’s Jubilee, is upon us. I’m currently 1 achievement away from completing the meta-achievement so I thought I’d compile a list of questions that most people might ask about this new content, along with some tips to make getting those achievements faster.

1. I count only 13 achievements in the Queen’s Jubilee achievement tab under Living Story. How is it possible to get the meta-achievement which requires 16 achievements?

You will notice that there are more possible daily achievements now with the recent patch. Each day, one of the daily achievements will count toward this meta-achievement. While the game does not specify exactly which of the daily achievements on that particular day counts, it can be identified by having something to do with the Queen’s Jubilee. For example, yesterday’s daily achievement that counted was complete three hot air balloon events, and today’s one is complete one beacon of Kryta torch run. This makes it easier for players who are unable to complete all of the Queen’s Jubilee achievements to obtain the meta-achievement. Since this living story lasts for two weeks, you only need to complete at least two Queen’s Jubilee achievements and make up the remainder with daily achievements that count.

Edit: I’ve figured out how to differentiate the daily achievements that count toward the Queen’s Jubilee living story meta-achievement. Every day for the duration of this living story, there will be one daily achievement that is marked by a gold star in a purple circle; this achievement counts toward the meta-achievement. The normal daily achievements are marked by black stars in purple circle. Wonder how I missed that earlier. Hope this helps.

2. How do I complete the Daily Activity Participation daily achievement?

There is a game master in Lion’s Arch at the Lion’s Court point of interest that lets you join the daily activity which rotates between Southsun Survival, Aspect Arena, Sanctum Sprint and Crab Toss. Just join and finish one game. You don’t have to win to complete the achievement. In fact, if you join when the game is about to end, you will still get the achievement. Today I joined Southsun Survival and two seconds after entering, the match ended and I got the achievement.

3. Can I open the magnificent chest at the top of the same hot air balloon towers with different characters or while guesting on different servers?

No. Once you open a magnificent chest at the top of a hot air balloon tower, that chest will stay opened even if you visit the same tower on different servers or with different characters. The only way to get the Balloon Tower Tourist achievement is to visit 15 different zones and open both chests in each zone. There are only two hot air balloon towers in each zone and you may need to complete a hot air balloon event to gain access to the tower. It is advised to do this achievement with a character that has the most world map completion so that you can quickly warp to waypoints closest to the towers instead of running through unexplored zones.

4. How and where do I start a Beacon of Kryta run?

There are five heralds (scroll with a star icon on the map) in Divinity’s Reach. The middle herald just provides information about the current living story. The other four are torchbearers. Speak to each of them to start a Beacon of Kryta run. You need to complete all four unique runs to complete the Luminary of Kryta achievement. Repeating the same run four times does not count toward the acheivement. For an easier time, get the town swiftness boon from npcs in Divinity’s Reach before starting each run.

5. I defeated five Queen’s Champions. Why did I not get the Winner and Champion achievement?

To obtain the Winner and Champion achievement, you must defeat all five possible TYPES of Queen’s Champions. They are Champion of the Stony Shield, Blazing Gun, Heavy Hammer, Whirling Blade and Lightning Blade. They each have an equal random chance to spawn as far as I can tell. Queen’s Champions can be found as hot air balloon events or at specific event spawn points in every zone. The most reliable and safest one is at the Eldwin Monastery point of interest near the Krytan Waypoint in Queensdale. After a Queen’s Champion is defeated, a new Queen’s Champion will walk to the event spawn point after five minutes but cannot be triggered. After another five minutes has passed, you will be able to talk to the Queen’s Champion and trigger the event. After the champion is defeated, just wait five minutes to see if the new Queen’s Champion is a type you haven’t fought and if not, go do something else and check back later.

6. Where can I find Aetherblade pirates for the Party Crasher Crusher achievement?

Some Aetherblade pirates can be found in the initial story instance when you first enter the Queen’s Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach. But they won’t be enough for the achievement, so you have to take part in hot air balloon events in every zone which spawns a lot of Aetherblade pirates. It is easier to fight Aetherblade pirates in lower level zones if you’re solo because many of them can stun, daze, knockdown, have retaliation, apply confusion and other nasty effects.


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