Tales of Xillia on Playstation Store Asia!

Just a heads up for people waiting for local retailers to import Tales of Xillia from the US, you can download the full game from Playstation Store. It costs RM 219 in the Malaysian Playstation Store. There are also DLC costumes (swimsuits!), gald and level bonuses but I’m going to wait until I progress further into the game. Played an hour into Milla’s story, and the combat feels more rigid than Tales of Graces f due to the difficulty of maintaining a combo chain and lack of A-artes. On the plus side, you can jump! That means aerial attacks and combos. Also, there seems to be a lot of treasure lying around on the ground. And the first boss fight is laughable. I finished the battle in 6 seconds. Loving Milla’s battle theme though. ❤


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