So my party is level 18 in Tales of Xillia at the moment. Still getting used to the combat system, at the moment I’m winning battles just by pressing the normal attack button. Guess I’m overpowered. The levelling system in Tales of Xillia resembles the Crystarium in Final Fantasy XIII or the Sphere Grid in Final Fantasy X, but it differs in some aspects. This system, named Lilium Orb, is shaped like a hexagonal spider web. Initially, the Lilium orb has three layers. Everytime you level, you gain growth points (GP). Each GP lets you fill a node, which grants a permanent stat boost (HP, TP, SP, strength, agility etc.), and two adjacent fileld nodes will form a line. The aim is to create a rectangle by filling four nodes to unlock a bonus middle node in the rectangle,  normally this grants skills or new artes.

To expand the Lilium Orb, you need to create three rectangles in the outermost layer of the hexagon, where one of the rectangles must have unlocked a key node (only one key node exists at a time i nthe outermost layer).

Since Tales of Xillia just came out, there aren’t any complete guides to allocating GP in the Lilium Orb around, so I’ve been focusing on expanding my Lilium Orb by filling nodes in the outermost layer without regard for arte unlocks. Of course, I prioritize unlocking skill nodes that give action counters (AC) since i know how important they were in Tales of Graces f.

Liking the game so far. There is a lot of farming and grinding, but the game makes it easy to farm materials due to gathering nodes and loot bags respawning instantly open zoning in and out of an area. I miss Tales of Graces f crafting system though. It’s so annoying to only be able to carry one food dish type at a time.

Really liking the Linked Artes. But I haven’t figured out how to chain linked artes yet, because so far every mob I’ve encountered dies in one or two hits.


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