Respected Achiever

Today I reached the 5000 achievement points mark and unlocked the Zenith Recurve Bow, a longbow skin. Here’s a picture.



The latest living story, Clockwork Chaos, is extremely difficult to complete for people who don’t have a lot of time to wait in front of the computer all day. To participate in Clockwork Chaos events, you have to enter a map where the event is happening within 10 minutes of the event starting. Failure to do so prevents you from taking part in the event. So if you’ve just logged on and an event is in progress, you can’t join in. On top of that, events last for 45 minutes at a time and only occur once every hour. So try to time your logins to whenever a new hour begins (example: 3.00 PM to 3.10 PM, 9.00 AM to 9.10 AM etc.). Once you enter the map, do not leave the map until the event is done. You are allowed to use waypoints only within the same map. You will get a huge reward and credit towards achievements whether the event is completed successfully or failed so don’t worry too much and just have fun. The Clockwork Chaos meta-acheivement requires 17 achievements from the Clockwork Chaos tab or the daily achievement associated with Clockwork Chaos (marked with a gear instead of a star).


One response to “Respected Achiever

  • chromebiatch

    Riiiight!! I had no idea you had to get there within 10 minutes, I’ve been wondering why I’ve been sitting in overflows – perhaps they should have made it a bit clearer that there’s a deadline.

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