The Watchknight

Finally managed to participate in my last map invasion for the Invasion Canceller achievement, which was the 17th living story achievement I needed to complete the Clockwork Chaos meta-achievement. The meta-achievement reward this time is an Infinite Watchknight Tonic, which transforms you into a watchknight for five minutes. Unlike most transformations, this is a combat transformation, meaning you can fight while in watchknight transformation. Unfortunately, after you use the tonic, there is a thirty minute cooldown before you can use it again. This makes it impractical to run around maps as a watchknight since the duration is so short and the cooldown is so long. For the amount of frustration required to complete the meta-achievement, it is totally not worth it if you’re just going for the reward. Here are some pictures of my warrior in watchknight transformation in the Royal Terrace in Divinity’s Reach.



The Royal Terrace has a trading post, banker, merchants, crafting stations, a mystic forge, repair master and an Asura gate to any of the other cities all in one convenient spot. It is next to the northwest main ramp in Divinity’s Reach. To enter the Royal Terrace, you need a Royal Pass which can be bought from the Black Lion Trading Company or found as an extremely rare drop in the Crown Pavilion. I got my Royal Pass off a champion in the Crown Pavilion last week so I’m not sure if they can still be found off foes in the Crown Pavilion.

Here’s an interesting trick I found three days ago. If you double-click your Royal Pass in your inventory, it automatically teleports you directly into the Royal Terrace no matter where you are in Tyria (except Heart of the Mists)! This means you can you it as soon as you are done with levelling for the day, to clear your bags when they are full, to escape combat or to simply craft with everything conveniently close by. You don’t have to actually walk all the way up to the entrance of the Royal Terrace and display the Royal Pass to gain entry, you could be on a mountaintop in Timberline Falls and click the Royal Pass and be instantly teleported into the Royal Terrace in Divinity’s Reach! Convenient. 🙂


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