I Finished Tales of Xillia for Milla’s story today! Final boss battle took me 1 minute and 3 seconds. My health did not even drop below 90%. I could have done it under a minute if not for the fact that the battle starts with only two party members, and every minute that passes one of the four missing characters joins the battle. I already had the final boss down to 10% health with only Jude and Milla and at the one minute mark, Leia joined the battle with a mystic arte and ended the battle.

After that, I cleared up most of the trophies except for the annoying skill-based ones like Jude’s Snap Pivot 150 times and Leia’s Elongating Staff 150 times. I finished up most of the collectible trophies like Enemy Sage in Magnus Zero, the EX Dungeon. The secret boss in Magnus Zero was the first time in the entire game I actually felt threatened. He has insanely high health being the secret unbeatable boss (like the Rockgagong in Tales of Graces f), splits himself into multiple versions several times throughout the fight (like Solomnus in Tales of Graces f) and moves very fast. At one point, my healer, Elize’s health dropped to 50%. But after whittling down his copies he becomes manageable. The entire three-phase battle with the Golden Mage Knight lasted 3 minutes and 39 seconds, the longest battle I’ve had in the game. Overall, it was a relatively easy secret boss battle in in RPG standards, considering I only used one Treat and one Hourglass (wasn’t necessary, but I panicked when the Golden Mage Knight split into three :S) in the entire battle.

With that sub-event completed, it brought me up to 89 sub-events, ONE sub-event away from a silver PSN trophy. 😦 In Milla’s story, there are a total of 97 sub-events and 32 of them are missable, so I think I did a pretty good job of exploring since I didn’t use a guide. I’ve done all the sub-events I haven’t missed and are still available to me except for The Lost Transcendental Ring, which involves acquiring 23 Mysterious Jewels and an optional boss battle. Without a guide, I collected 19 so I’m missing four and I have no idea which so I have to backtrack to each of the 23 locations. 😦 *sigh* Well, it’s either that or focus on doing every single sub-event on Jude’s story when I start it for his story’s trophy soI guess this way is less work.

Small reminder: tomorrow is a new month and that means new monthly achievements in Guild Wars 2! πŸ˜€


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