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Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I last posted. Been busy playing Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. I just cleared Neverland so now I’m on my way to Hollow Bastion to fight Maleficient.

In the world of Tyria, there are a few hours left to complete September’s monthly achievements. Be sure to check out my September monthly achievement guide if you need any tips.

Tomorrow marks a new month with new monthly achievements, along with the next living story which focuses on Caledon Forest and Twilight Arbor. Twilight Arbor will have a new path that is designed for level 80s. Though I’m a little disappointed by the rewards offered for the next living story, it is a chance to gain more achievement points!

Speaking of which, I have decided on my trait build for my planned asura thief, 0/30/0/25/15 which works by might stacking through signet activation and dodging. Currently I’m thinking of going dagger/dagger and shortbow, but I may change the first weapon set if I find a different set I enjoy while trying all the combinations. Still not sure what trinkets and jewels I should use. If I go full berserker/assassin trinkets with ruby orbs I’ll have 100% critical chance, 13000 health and 2000 armor. But I’m not sure how much damage I’ll sacrifice by switching to more defensive trinkets like knight or valkyrie. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



So my oldest character, Amber Dawnrose who is a human elementalist, turned one year old in Guild Wars 2 today. You get a birthday gift in the mail which contains a Birthday Booster (combination of all boosters), an Experience Scroll (oh gawd not another one) and a Mini Queen Jennah. Here’s a picture of Mini Queen Jennah.



Once I finalize my planned thief build, I’ll start levelling my seventh character with the Experience Scroll.

LFG Tool is Broken

Great. The LFG tool bugs have started appearing.Today, when I tried to join a party for my daily Citadel of Flame path one speed run using the LFG tool, instead of automatically joining the party when I clicked the Join button, the Join button became greyed out (unlickable) and the message ‘You have joined too many parties recently. Please wait a moment before attempting to join another party.’ EVEN THOUGH IT WAS THE VERY FIRST PARTY I ATTEMPTED TO JOIN TODAY. And I’m not sure what is ArenaNet’s definition of ‘a moment’, but it’s been three hours and the Join button is still unclickable.

I submitted a bug report so let’s see of ArenaNet lives up to their reputation of quickly responding to customers and fixing issues. If you have encountered the same problem, rest assured that you are not alone and please do send a bug report as wel. The more people report the same bug, the faster ArenaNet will respond.


Today I reached the 6000 achievement points mark and unlocked the Radiant Mantle, an exotic shoulder skin. Here’s a gallery of all my characters wearing the Radiant Mantle. ๐Ÿ™‚







Skill Interrupter Achievement Guide

Skill Interrupter is probably one of the hardest daily achievements in Guild Wars 2 to complete. You have to successfully interrupt a foe’s attack 15 times. This can be done by either knocking down, knocking back, stunning, dazing, launching, pulling or any other method that cancels a foe’s skill in mid-animation.

Today, while doing my daily achievements, I found the perfect foe to do this. To start, the location is Ojon’s Lumbermill Waypoint in Queensdale. At this waypoint, there will be Wasps nearby. Wasps have a low damage autoattack that hits fairly often compared to most other foe types, probably at a 1/2 second cooldown. However, they have a unique wasp family skill that hits the target approximately 15 times in quick succession (think of Rapid Fire or Whirling Axes). During this time, using any skill that causes daze, stun, launch, knockdown, knockback, pull etc. will result in a guaranteed interrupt! The window to interrupt is fairly long and an interrupt is very easy to pull off against wasps compared to other famous foes used for skill interruption such as ettins, drakes or grubs where the window is around one or two seconds. The damage you take from wasps is also very low compared to the aforementioned foe types.

Some skills that I know of that can be used for skill interruption are:

  • Guardian: Banish (hammer)
  • Elementalist: Gust (staff in air attunement), Static Field (staff in air attunement; may be tricky to use since it requires a target to walk into the field to stun), Tornado (elite skill; very useful for interrupting multiple targets in PVP and PVE)
  • Ranger: Concussive Shot (shortbow)
  • Warrior: Stomp (utility skill), Charge (utility skill) , Kickย (utility skill)
  • Mesmer: Chaos Storm (staff; depends heavily on luck to land daze but is an AoE)
  • Necromancer: Charge (Flesh Golem’s minion skill)

358/2 Days

I just completed Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix bundle today. The ending was definitely one of the saddest I’ve seen in a long time. ='( Xion… *cry*

Watching all the cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days helped explain a lot and fill a lot of gaps in the plot in the time span between Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2, the only two Kingdom Hearts game I played.

I received 3 gold trophies and 3 bronze trophies by completing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in just three and a half hours! As a bonus for completing one of the games in the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix bundle, I also unlocked a custom Kingdom Hearts PS3 theme. Today is a happy day!

Tomorrow, I’ll probably start working on either Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix or Kingdom hearts: Chain of Memories. Just listening to all that familiar Kingdom Hearts music, ah nostalgia~

Persephone Wyrmfang, the Serpent

Finally reached level 80 on my necromancer after six days of levelling. Unfortunately, the incredibly bad connection in Malaysia prevents me from testing out my corruption build without getting disconnected every two seconds. That’s why Malaysia is such an unwelcome place to live in. Fuck Malaysia. Oh well, here’s a photo of my necromancer in masquerade-transmuted dungeon armor. I used a combination of Caedaecus Manor, Twilight Arbor and Honor of the Waves dungeon armor. The sceptre she is wielding is a Rabid Sceptre purchased with badges of honour in WvW and the dagger is an exotic named dagger with rabid stats I bought off the trading post. The wings on the back are the Wings of the Sunless, obtained by completing the meta achievement for the Boss Week living story, which you should be able to complete today if you have done all five Boss Week achievements and all four daily Boss Week achievements up to today.



Well, my necromancer has reached level 78 in six days from creation. The starting levels were a bit difficult due to the fragility of my minions and the natural low raw damage of necromancer skills. But once I reached level 70, things started to pick up. My conditions were doing alot more damage per tick and my minions had more health and damage. I expect to reach level 80 tomorrow and I will finally get to use my Rabid trinkets. Hopefully I have enough dungeon tokens to buy the rest of my Rabid armour.

Plus as a bonus, I will obtain the Wings of Tequatl back skin when I complete tomorrow’s Boss Week daily achievement!

Kingdom Hearts

Yay! Just bought my copy of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix today! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m going to start it up as soon as my necromancer reaches level 80. I’m so excited! Woohoo!

Crystals and Scales

Okay so the locations of the dragon clues in Frostgorge Sound and Blazeridge Steppes have been found. Like the 10 teeth in Sparkfly Fen, there are 10 dragon crystals in Blazeridge Steppes and 10 dragon scales in Froostgorge Sound that must be found to complete each corresponding achievement in the Boss Week living story category. Without further ado, here are the links to the maps with marked locations of the clues.

  • Blazeridge Steppes

  • Frostgorge Sound

The map for the location of the ten clues in Sparkfly Fen is available in my previous post.

Completing all five of the Boss Week living story achievements, yesterday’s Boss Week daily achievement and today’s Boss Week daily achievement (participate in any world boss event e.g. the Shatterer, Shadow Behemoth, Claw of Jormag etc.) should put you at seven out of the nine Boss Week achievements needed to complete the meta-achievement. Happy hunting!

Special heartfelt thanks to Duffy for compiling the data and putting together the nice maps for us.