Monthly Achievement Guide: September 2013

Alright, here’s the guide to completing this month’s monthly achievements as quickly and painlessly as possible. This month, I will be using the Clockwork Chaos map invasion events to quickly complete several of the monthly achievements at the same time. Remember, you only need to complete four out of the seven possible monthly achievements to obtain the monthly achievement reward chest, but it is advised to complete as many as you can for achievement points.

  • Monthly Masterwork Crafter

This is a newly introduced monthly achievement. You have to craft 60 items of masterwork quality or higher. Masterwork items have green names, so crafting any item with a green (masterwork), gold (rare) or orange (exotic) name counts for this achievement. Later this month, purple (legendary/ascended) items will be introduced to crafting and they will count as well but will most likely not be cost efficient for the purpose of this achievement.

You don’t have to go so far as to actually craft a masterwork weapon or armour, simply crafting a crafting component used to craft masterwork equipment works too! The simplest, cheapest and quickest way to complete this achievement in less than a minute is to craft 60 bronze plated dowels (master), which requires 120 green wooden planks and 180 bronze ingots. You should have tons of green wooden logs and copper ores in your bank. If not, they are readily available on the trading post and you can cover back the purchase cost by selling the 60 bronze plated dowels (master) you just crafted on the trading post.This method requires either weaponsmithing, hunstman or artificing. Crafting embroidered jute insignias (master) with armoursmithing, leatherworking or tailoring is also a viable cheap alternative.

  • Monthly Event Participation

An extremely quick way to do complete 100 events in approximately five hours is to take part in the current living story, Clockwork Chaos portal invasion events. Once you arrive on the map which is being invaded, seek out portal events and start killing twisted minions. When all of the initial minions in a portal event have been killed, the bar will drain to 2/3 and more minions will spawn. As long as you dealt sufficient damage to the initial minions, you will gain credit for that event so move on to another portal event without waiting for that event to finish. Later, when aetherblade events start appearing, stay the entire duration of aetherblade events because there is another event (kill a champion aetherblade captain) that will spawn immediately after a ‘lower the aetherblade morale’ event concludes. When molten alliance events start appearing, only go to molten alliance events within your vicinity. Do not go out of your way to waypoint halfway across the map to a molten alliance waypoint as these tend to finish within minutes of spawning, and by the time you finish loading the event would have been done by other players.

If you want to go about this the usual way, this achievement can be completed fairly quickly in Queensdale where there are many easy-to-solo and quick respawning events. Watch out for shout of events starting in map chat.

If you have a server that is very active in WvW, this can also be done easily by following a zerg in WvW and completing objectives such as capturing keeps, camps, sentry points, destroying caravans and pushing back invaders; all of which count as group events and therefore events.

A slower but steadier way is to travel to different maps with a friend or small party and complete balloon tower events. Now that most people have completed the Queen’s Jubilee meta-achievement, noone does the balloon tower events so they’ll always be ready for you. This is a reliable method if you have a slow connection and find that you always reach events late or frequently disconnect in heavily populated areas.

  • Champion slayer

This achievement will most likely come before finishing Monthly Event Participation if you follow my guide on farming map invasion events. During the first phase of the map invasion, only portal events will spawn so look out for huge zergs of players and commander tags on the map. Champion twisted nightmares tend to spawn at portal events with more than 30 players. After a champion twisted nightmare is killed, pan your camera around because another champion twisted nightmare will immediately spawn if the number of players is still sufficient. During a molten alliance phase, go to molten alliance shaman events near to you but don’t bother if it is too far from you as they die very quickly and you won’t make it if you have to waypoint. During an aetherblade phase, *seek* out aetherblade events at all costs. Aetherblade events last quite long due to the difficulty of aetherblade type foes, and champions tend to spawn several at once at ‘reduce the aetherblade morale’ events. Stay around for the ‘defeat the champion aetherblade captain’ event immediately after those events as many minor champions will also spawn for the duration of that event. You need to kill 60 champions for this achievement, which should be easily accomplished if you hit multiple aetherblade events during map invasions.

If you don’t want to do map invasions, Queensdale has the fastest respawning champions available: troll, corrupted oakheart, spider, boar, wasp, bandit lieutenant. Watch out for shouts of champions spawning in map chat.

Champions are also in towers, keeps and Stonemist Castle in WvW and can be killed while following a zerg to capture those objectives.

  • Monthly Group Event Completer

This will be the first monthly achievement you complete if you follow my map invasion farming event guide. All portal, molten alliance and aetherblade events during map invasions count as group events so completing 20 events during map invasions will automatically get you this achievement.

Champion events in Queensdale count as group events.

‘Defeat a queen’s champion’ balloon tower events count as group events.

All objectives in WvW count as group events.

  • Monthly Completionist

Just complete five out of twelve possible daily achievements on any four given days. There should be no reason why you are unable to get this since you should be completing your daily achievements every day. :/

  • Monthly WvW Player Kills

Kill 50 enemy invaders in WvW. The difficulty of this achievement depends on your server’s activity in WvW. My only advice is to always follow a zerg and have as many AoE skills as possible to tag as many invaders as possible in encounters.

  • Puzzle Jumper

Clear 12 unique jumping puzzles. Completing the same jumping puzzle several times on different days or while guesting in different servers does not count toward this achievement. Skip this achievement, it is not worth the time.


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