Monthly Achievement Guide: September 2013 Post 4th

With the new living story update, Super Adventure Box, and recent magic find overhaul, our monthly achievements have been reset. This means that for people who have obtained the monthly achievement reward chest (by completing four monthly achievements) prior to September 4 now have a chance to get a second monthly achievement reward chest! Here is a guide for the new monthly achievements added on September 4.

  • ¬†Veteran Slayer

Veterans are found everywhere in Tyria, all maps, WvW, dungeons and fractals. You will most likely get 100 veteran kills just by playing normally throughout the month but if you want to farm veterans quickly, the best place to do it would be at the Jungle Wurm spawn point south of the Twilight Arbor waypoint in Caledon Forest. There are five Veteran Mosshearts here that each have a one minute respawn timer so you can easily get 100 veteran kills in half an hour here.

  • Fractal Frequenter

Unless you have an organized group of friends or guildmates who know how to play well, skip this achievement. It’s not worth the time, gold or effort and you may very well not finish even one fractal.

  • Monthly Salvage Kit Usages

If you have been saving up salvage items like I advised, you can finish this achievement in two minutes. Once you have salvaged 500 items (salvage items, fine and masterwork items are recommended), start saving up salvage items for next month’s Monthly Salvage Kit Usages in your bank. Due to recent magic find changes, it is now also viable to salvage masterwork items for Essences of Luck instead of selling them to a vendor.

As of September 4, three monthly achievements have been removed:- Monthly Masterwork Crafter, Champion Slayer and Monthly Group Event Completer. Congratulations to those who have done these easy achievements before their removal.


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