It’s Hammer Time!

One year after the spirit weapon nerf for guardians in Guild Wars 2, I’ve finally decided to rebuild my guardian from scratch. From the moment I started levelling my guardian, I have always used a spirit weapon build. One year ago, spirit weapons were invulnerable and with the correct traits, they were able to deal massive burst and sustained damage (sword and hammer), provide insane crowd control (hammer), superior healing (bow) and unrivalled damage negation (shield).  With my unkillable spirit weapons tanking, I could go full berserker and never have to worry about dying with my measly 10000 health pool.

However, when spirit weapons were nerfed to be no longer invulnerable, they turned out to be extremely fragile and killable in a few hits from even trash mobs. Overnight, my survivability took a dip. Ever since that nerf, I hardly played my guardian because I kept dying without my spirit weapons to tank for me. To create a spirit weapon build that buffs spirit weapons to the point of overpowered, I had to sacrifice all armour and health for damage since spirit weapons share a guardian’s stats, and extra toughness and vitality was unnecessary for invulnerable spirit weapons who didn’t take damage.

Fast forward one year later after several more adjustments to the guardian profession, I have decided to forego my spirit weapon damage build in place of a shouts boon tank/support build. I will be switching out my greatsword and sceptre/torch (weapons made for dealing burst damage and burning condition) for hammer and staff (weapons made for providing boons and crowd control).

Now that I no longer need the spirit weapon traits, I have a lot of trait points to play with. I plan to go 0/5/30/30/5 to maximise my health and armour. Since I’ll be putting out a lot of boons, I decided to take Altruistic Healing because it heals me for every boon I place upon an ally. So if I take three shouts (which provide boons to allies in an area) as my utility skills, I can basically have near infinite healing on myself. Another important trait I plan to take is Empowered Might, which grants might to allies around me every time I critically hit, which in turn heals me. So now to make this trait work, I’ll need a somewhat high critical chance.  With my current intended mix of Knight’s armour with Superior Sigils of Accuracy and Emerald Jewels, I will have an estimated 45% critical chance. If I’m in a party or playing with other people, I will at some point have fury which pushes it to 65%.

I will be making minor adjustments to tweak this build when I start playing it and can’t wait to see how it fares in dungeons and WvW.


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