Character Slot Expansion 25% Off

Yay! For the whole of today, character slot expansions in Guild Wars 2 are discounted 25%, which means you can buy an additional character slot for only 600 gems instead of the usual 800 gems. Seeing as how much gem prices have risen due to the recent living story content, this is definitely a good offer even if you are not planning to create a new character at the moment. Character slot expansion discounts are pretty rare, so far I have only encountered this offer four times in the past year. But fret not if you do not have enough gold to convert to gems (at current gold to gem conversion rate, it takes approximately 31 gold to buy 600 gems) as this offer is bound to appear again in the future. Every few days, the Black Lion Trading Company has different offers (such as discounts on bank slot expansion, miniatures, items previously available only for a limited time during past living story content) so check the trading post every day. 🙂

I bought 400 gmes for 21 gold and used my remaining 200 gems I received from the 5000 achievement point reward chest to buy my sixth character slot. The only professions I do no have at are thief, engineer and necromancer.

I’m going to level necromancer using the minion master style for my next project. Once I hit level 80, my initial plan was to retrait to a corruption build but after reading about the improved minion AI in the recent patch, I may decide to stay minion master at level 80, I will have to see how it goes.


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