Of Minions and Hints

I created my sixth character today, Persephone Wyrmfang who is a human necromancer. Initially, levelling was considerably more difficult than other professions due to the initial weapon provided for necromancers which is an axe. The axe is a horrendously bad weapon for necromancers. Low damage, very slow attack speed and no damage dealing conditions which is supposed to be the hallmark of necromancers. After not getting any equipment drops from mobs for an hour due to slow killing, I decided to buy a basic quality staff, sceptre and dagger from a weaponsmith.

Levelling became much easier after that due to all the staff area of effect skills. Keeping my minions alive were also much easier thanks to Mark of Blood. The sceptre/dagger secondary weapon set proved to be quite useful once I had used all my marks. In fact, two of the sceptre/dagger set skills were area of effect.

Soloing skill challenges took a bit more finesse though. Since some skill challenges had high health veterans who were often accompanied by two or more henchmen, I had to constantly lay down AoE skills and switch between staff and sceptre/dagger, in addition switching in and out of Death Shroud. I found that Death Shroud is reasonably easy to use and very helpful for providing burst damage.

Since the main problem with necromancers in dynamic events is that most of our damage comes from conditions, and champions don’t usually last long enough for condition damage to accumulate to a substantial amount, I switch in and out of Death Shroud to deliver Life Blasts for burst damage when fighting champions to ensure I get gold credit for the event. Life Transfer is also extremely powerful as it siphons quite a bit of life from all mobs in a 1200 radius.

Currently my necromancer is at level 25 and it is reasonably easy to play. Here’s hoping the next 15 levels will be just as stressfree and fun.



On an unrelated note, I finally got the Hint Completion achievement today! Here’s an explanation for some of you who may have faced the same problems with this achievement as me. If your hint completion is 82/83 and you complete your last hint, depending on the final hint completed it may not update the total hints completed immediately. For example, in my case it was ’empty the mailbox’. Once I emptied my mailbox and got the final tick, the Hint Completion achievement still showed 82/83. To fix this, all you need to do is enter a different map. Upon loading the new map, the achievement will pop.


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