Me and This Army

So today I unlocked my necromancer’s elite skill, Flesh Golem. The flesh golem has the highest armor, health and damage of all the minions, but it’s not invincible as most people would like to believe. Like lesser minions, the flesh golem dies very quickly to concentrated attacks and AoE damage. It won’t be able to last very long by itself. However,with my army of minions now complete, my necromancer is a formidable force in 1v1 PvE battles.

Today, as part of the final event in a chain in Snowden Drifts, I managed to solo a champion kodan with my minion army comprising of a blood fiend (ranged life stealer), two bone minions (suicide bombers with low cooldown), a bone fiend (ranged damage and bind), a shadow fiend (melee damage and blind) and a flesh golem (melee tank and knockdown). I also had jagged horrors spawning every 30 seconds due to my massive AoE fields killing surrounding foes.

Even without the reduced minion skills cooldown trait, I was able to constantly summon new minions to replace fallen minions due to my Life Tranfer healling nearby allies and traited low cooldown Mark of Blood being able to keep at least three minions alive at all times while waiting on minion skill cooldown. I switched between staff for healing my minions, sceptre/dagger for stacking conditions on the champion and Death Sroud for huge burst damage and side healing for my minions. It was relatively easy to maintain adequate lifeforce due to surrounding foes dying constantly from my AoEs. Throughout the fight, I never came close to dying, with my health dropping to 50% only once when five of my minions were down and the champion turned to attack me. But with so many Fear-inducing skills I was able to disable the champion long enough to resummon my minions.

The fight lasted approximately five minutes. This shows that a minion built necromancer is capable of soloing much tougher foes than the necromancer due to having so many additional targets for the foe to attack that the necromancer rarely gets hit.


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