The Sun Isn’t Coming Up

Okay so the new living story, Boss Week, has officially started. For this meta achievement, you need to complete 9 Boss Week achievements which can come from either the Boss Week achievements themselves or the daily achievement associated with Boss Week or a combination of both. Since all the Boss Week achievements are basically tedious scavenger hunts (like sky crystals from Bazaar of the Four Winds) in high level areas, you should take advantage of the Boss Week daily achievements as they are much easier to complete. For example, for today’s Boss Week daily achievement all you have to do is participate in one Tequatl encounter. You will get the achievement regardless of whether the event is completed or failed.

About the scavenger hunts I mentioned earlier, the three most annoying achievements require you to find 10 dragon teeth each in Sparkfly Fen, Frostgorge Sound and Blazeridge Steppes. Someone has already found all 10 in Sparkfly Fen so here’s a link to the map of the 10 teeth.

I’ll post the Blazeridge Steppes and Frostgorge Sound maps when more people have discovered those locations.

For all your excruciatingly hard work, you get a Set of Tequatl Wings as your meta reward. Not as impressive looking as Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings, but it’s better than another useless mini, kite or tonic.

Update on my necromancer: I reached level 53 on day three. My minions are now doing enough damage for me to just autoattack in events and still get gold credit. Also, my soloing capability as a necromancer seems to have grown even more powerful. I soloed a group event where I had to tank 15 foes at once per wave for several waves and singlehandedly downed a champion plains wurm in Diessa Plateau.


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