Persephone Wyrmfang, the Serpent

Finally reached level 80 on my necromancer after six days of levelling. Unfortunately, the incredibly bad connection in Malaysia prevents me from testing out my corruption build without getting disconnected every two seconds. That’s why Malaysia is such an unwelcome place to live in. Fuck Malaysia. Oh well, here’s a photo of my necromancer in masquerade-transmuted dungeon armor. I used a combination of Caedaecus Manor, Twilight Arbor and Honor of the Waves dungeon armor. The sceptre she is wielding is a Rabid Sceptre purchased with badges of honour in WvW and the dagger is an exotic named dagger with rabid stats I bought off the trading post. The wings on the back are the Wings of the Sunless, obtained by completing the meta achievement for the Boss Week living story, which you should be able to complete today if you have done all five Boss Week achievements and all four daily Boss Week achievements up to today.



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