Skill Interrupter Achievement Guide

Skill Interrupter is probably one of the hardest daily achievements in Guild Wars 2 to complete. You have to successfully interrupt a foe’s attack 15 times. This can be done by either knocking down, knocking back, stunning, dazing, launching, pulling or any other method that cancels a foe’s skill in mid-animation.

Today, while doing my daily achievements, I found the perfect foe to do this. To start, the location is Ojon’s Lumbermill Waypoint in Queensdale. At this waypoint, there will be Wasps nearby. Wasps have a low damage autoattack that hits fairly often compared to most other foe types, probably at a 1/2 second cooldown. However, they have a unique wasp family skill that hits the target approximately 15 times in quick succession (think of Rapid Fire or Whirling Axes). During this time, using any skill that causes daze, stun, launch, knockdown, knockback, pull etc. will result in a guaranteed interrupt! The window to interrupt is fairly long and an interrupt is very easy to pull off against wasps compared to other famous foes used for skill interruption such as ettins, drakes or grubs where the window is around one or two seconds. The damage you take from wasps is also very low compared to the aforementioned foe types.

Some skills that I know of that can be used for skill interruption are:

  • Guardian: Banish (hammer)
  • Elementalist: Gust (staff in air attunement), Static Field (staff in air attunement; may be tricky to use since it requires a target to walk into the field to stun), Tornado (elite skill; very useful for interrupting multiple targets in PVP and PVE)
  • Ranger: Concussive Shot (shortbow)
  • Warrior: Stomp (utility skill), Charge (utility skill) , KickĀ (utility skill)
  • Mesmer: Chaos Storm (staff; depends heavily on luck to land daze but is an AoE)
  • Necromancer: Charge (Flesh Golem’s minion skill)

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