LFG Tool is Broken

Great. The LFG tool bugs have started appearing.Today, when I tried to join a party for my daily Citadel of Flame path one speed run using the LFG tool, instead of automatically joining the party when I clicked the Join button, the Join button became greyed out (unlickable) and the message ‘You have joined too many parties recently. Please wait a moment before attempting to join another party.’ EVEN THOUGH IT WAS THE VERY FIRST PARTY I ATTEMPTED TO JOIN TODAY. And I’m not sure what is ArenaNet’s definition of ‘a moment’, but it’s been three hours and the Join button is still unclickable.

I submitted a bug report so let’s see of ArenaNet lives up to their reputation of quickly responding to customers and fixing issues. If you have encountered the same problem, rest assured that you are not alone and please do send a bug report as wel. The more people report the same bug, the faster ArenaNet will respond.


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