Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I last posted. Been busy playing Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. I just cleared Neverland so now I’m on my way to Hollow Bastion to fight Maleficient.

In the world of Tyria, there are a few hours left to complete September’s monthly achievements. Be sure to check out my September monthly achievement guide if you need any tips.

Tomorrow marks a new month with new monthly achievements, along with the next living story which focuses on Caledon Forest and Twilight Arbor. Twilight Arbor will have a new path that is designed for level 80s. Though I’m a little disappointed by the rewards offered for the next living story, it is a chance to gain more achievement points!

Speaking of which, I have decided on my trait build for my planned asura thief, 0/30/0/25/15 which works by might stacking through signet activation and dodging. Currently I’m thinking of going dagger/dagger and shortbow, but I may change the first weapon set if I find a different set I enjoy while trying all the combinations. Still not sure what trinkets and jewels I should use. If I go full berserker/assassin trinkets with ruby orbs I’ll have 100% critical chance, 13000 health and 2000 armor. But I’m not sure how much damage I’ll sacrifice by switching to more defensive trinkets like knight or valkyrie. 😦


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