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Mad King Says… This is For You!

Mad King Thorn has started his hourly rounds of Mad King Says at the Grand Piazza in Lion’s Arch. To participate, just be at the Grand Piazza and you should see a Mad King Says dynamic event on the right of your screen if the event is up.  Do what the Mad King commands you to by typing in the appropriate emote. For example, if the Mad King says ‘COWER!’, type /cower. There is a catch, if the Mad King begins his sentence with anything other than ‘The Mad King says…’ and you type the appropriate emote, he will get angry and tell you off. Nevertheless, how accurately you follow his commands just determines the credit you get from the event Even getting bronze credit will earn you the Mask of the Night skin, as modelled below by my guardian.


You can play Mad King Says repeatedly and win multiple copies of the Mask of the Night skin.



Tower of Nightmares: Achievement Guide

Okay this latest living story’s achievements may look deceivingly painful, but it actually isn’t (if you know what you’re doing). I finished all 11 achievements in slightly less than 8 hours. Let’s get started.

Firstly, you need 14 achievements from a combination of daily living story achievements and Tower of Nightmares achievements. Since there are only 11 Tower of Nightmares achievements, you need to complete at least three additional associated daily living story achievements to obtain the meta-achievement. Depending on your level and profession, as well as your game experience, you may want to complete more daily living story achievements as some of the Tower of Nightmares achievements can only be done on a high level character.

Start by entering Kessex Hills. If your character is higher than level 25, you will automatically enter the single-player story instance. Just proceed with the story and fight off numerous Toxic Alliance foes (comprising of krait and Nightmare Court). These Toxic versions of the Nightmare Court are significantly tougher to kill as when you defeat them they go into downed state and should be finished off with a finishing move before they can rally. The Toxic versions of the krait are just insanely buffed krait with access to more AoE conditions than their normal counterparts. Be warned that at the end of the instance you will face a champion toxic krait (with the help of two allies). Try to keep your allies alive as long as possible as they will draw aggro away from you. I’m not sure if the instance scales with level since I entered with a level 80 and all the foes were level 80 as well. Nevertheless, it is advised to take your higher level character, preferably one with decent condition removal and survivability. Finishing the instance completes A Nightmare Unveiled.

Next, you will be transported to the normal version of Kessex Hills. Talk to Priory Arcanist Dolja (marked with a blue-green shard icon on the map) to get a Krait Obelisk Shard Transcriber. Follow Duffy’s incredibly helpful guide to the locations of the 24 krait obelisk shards all over Tyria with this link: Most shards are underwater, but a few are on land and some even high up on krait towers. They are all marked with a blue-green shard icon over them (not marked on the map) and these icons can be seen from quite far away. Just pan your camera around when you’re in the vicinity. Also take note that each of these shards are guarded by one toxic krait and one veteran toxic krait, and often located in areas with plenty of nearby hostile foes. It is advised (but not necessary) to bring a friend or party along when finding the shards in higher level maps. Transcribing all 24 shards gets you a rare scroll of knowledge (gives five skill points) and Toxic Krait Historian.

Now, complete 25 Toxic Offshoot events (marked with an orange flower icon on map) in Kessex Hills, Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Brisban Wildlands, Queensdale, Gendarran Fields or Eternal Battlegrounds. Toxic Offshoot events come in three types: golem, powder keg and mortar. For the golem type, you need to escort a golem to an offshoot and protect it while it destroys the offshoot. For powder keg type, you need to pick up bombs from three nearby Whispers agents and plant them at the base of the offshoot. Note that you cannot pick up bombs if the Whispers agents are dead so revive them quickly and protect them. For mortr type, you have to keep up to three mortar agents alive until they destroy the offshoot. You will definitely do at least three of each event type in 25 events so don’t bother hunting for each type specifically. Visit Kessex Hills, Queensdale, gendarran Fields, Caledon Forest and Brisban Wildlands and complete at least one Toxic Offshoot event in each. Then, to complete the remainder of the 25 events quickly, Kessex Hills is the recommended map as it has the fastest event respawn timers of all the above maps. Doing the above gets you Toxic Weed Whacker, Toxic Siege Gardener, Toxic Demolitionist Gardener, Toxic Golem Gardener and Toxic Global Gardener.

After each Toxic Offshoot event is completed, remember to gather at the harvesting node left behind at the orange flower icon. After 25 events, you should have more than 50 Pristine Toxic Spore Samples to turn in to Marjory (gold star icon on Kessex Hills map) for Toxic Spore Sampler. If you’re lacking a few, buy some off the trading post or do a few more Toxic Offshoot events.

By now you should have more than 100 Toxic Alliance kills for Toxic Alliance Slayer. If you still lack some kills, here’s a tip. Not only Toxic foes count for this achievement. ALL krait and Nightmare Court foes count, including the low level ones in Caledon Forest. There are a lot of easily farmable Nightmare court at the Twilight Arbor waypoint.

Now for the last two achievements. For Toxic Spore Cleanser, the easiest way I managed to get 25 corrupted champion kills is to do the champion train in Queensdale for approximately 4 hours. Only champions and veterans with the Toxic Corruption condition count toward this achievement, and everytime a champ spawns, there is only a small chance that it will have that condition. Some champions seem to have it at a higher percentage of the time, but it is all random so be patient.

For Krait Bane, you have to defeat the krait witches in Caledon Forest, Kessex Hills and Timberline Falls. You have to defeat each of them at least once, defeating the same krait witch multiple times does not progress the achievement. I advise you to guest on a high population server and tag along with people to kill these champions as hardly anyone does them.

Live for the Applause

This is a really interesting version of Applause by Lady Gaga, performed by the talented Sam Tsui. Enjoy.

Sam Tsui makes some of the best covers of modern day songs. Check out his other covers at the link below:

Lady Gaga is one of the few artistes that consistently produces awesome songs since her debut. I can’t wait for the cast of Glee to perform Applause in the upcoming fourth episode of Glee season five!

End of an Era

Today at roughly 5.45 PM, my PS3 passed away. The display suddenly went all red-black and fuzzy and finally the blue processing light went off. 😥

I am undecided whether or not to repair it since the launch date of the PS4 is so near. The only games I have yet to complete on the PS3 are Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and the upcoming Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster in early 2014 (the original Final Fantasy X and X-2 I have completed on the PS2). It doesn’t look very worthwhile to repair my PS3 since no new games that I really want to play on the PS3 are going to be released.

Both Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Diable 3 will also be released on the PS4, should I choose to play them in the future.

I won’t be buying a PS4 until some decent titles are released. At the moment, the launch title list look very disappointing. No RPGs at all.

In memory of my PS3, here is the top five list of my favourite PS3 games of all time.

  1. Tales of Graces f (440 hours played, platinum)
  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (219 hours played, 1 Daedric Artifact away from platinum)
  3. Dragon Age: Origins (116 hours played, platinum)
  4. Lollipop Chainsaw (98 hours played, all costumes collected)
  5. Rainbow Moon (202 hours played, platinum)

You’ll notice there is a very glaring lack of Square Enix games on this list. That’s because the current generation of Final Fantasy games, well, suck. Even though you can play Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX on the PS3 via the Playstation Store (I bought and completed all of them), I did not include them in the list because they originally launched on earlier consoles and cannot be considered PS3 titles.

Congratulations to Namco Bandai and the Tales series on becoming my new favourite RPG series! Tales of Graces f is my most played PS3 game at a whopping 440 hours. That’s more than twice the time I spent on Skyrim! Tales of Xillia came very close to making the list, but ultimately I decided Rainbow Moon was more addictive.

Rainbow Moon is one of those rare gems that come along every once on a while and go by unnoticed. Well, I’m telling you right now. If you like strategy RPG, pick up Rainbow Moon, but be prepared to invest at least 100 hours to even finish the main storyline. Definitely the best and most worthwhile Playstation Store exclusive title on the PS3.

So for the time being, looks like I’m stuck farming achievement points in Guild Wars 2. Oh well. 1,400 achievement points to Radiant Helm!

Veteran of the Mists

Finally, after six days of hardcore WvW, I finished the WvW Leagues Season 1 meta achievement. 😀 I received the Season 1 Key which unlocks the chest at the end of the living story on December 5 and a new title, Veteran of the Mists. It was well earned, let me tell you that. Good luck to everyone still farming for the meta achievement. You only need 15 out of the 19, so you don’t have to do any of the ridiculous jumping puzzle achievements.



I had a very bad day today. Throughout the day, I participated in three successful captures of Stonemist Castle (SMC) and did not receive event credit at all from any of the captures. I come from an underdog server, Kaineng, and we are always heavily outnumbered in WvW so successful captures of SMC are few and far between. If I had gotten credit for those three captures, I would have completed Castles in the Air today. But alas, when I searched online, I realised that this was a known bug that has been around since the launch of Guild Wars 2.

The dreaded ‘no event credit’ bug does not only happen in SMC captures, it can also occur in lesser objectives such as keeps, towers, sentry points, camps and caravans. In fact. it can even happen in dynamic events in PvE! Apparently, this bug is caused by event credit being a limited number. Only 50 people can receive credit from an event regardless of however many people took part in the event. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

After much searching, I discovered a workaround. Parties count as one person when event credit is being divided. So the soloution to make sure as many people receive credit as possible is to get everyone participating to form parties of five. More parties reduce the number of potential credit receivers. Also, you stand a better chance to tag an event in a party since all members of a party share total damage dealt. Plus, being in a party passively boosts your magic find significantly and you tend to get more loot.

I tested this ‘solution’ an hour ago and it worked!  I finally got my first SMC event credit of the day on my fourth capture while in party. So party up to avoid not getting credit!


Demolition and Repair

I haven’t posted in a while because I’m trying to get all the WvW Leagues Season 1 achievements. Some of them are really tough to get especially since the time limit is only seven weeks. I managed to get two very difficult achievements out of the way yesterday.

For Seasonal Defense Restorer,  you need to use a whopping 500 supply to repair a gate or wall. Ordinarily, if you go about WvW the usual way following a zerg around, this will be near impossible to do. Keep an eye on the map chat and when someone shouts that a keep or tower or castle is under attack, break off from the zerg you are following and waypoint or run to that location immediately. Do not worry about losing additional objective captures as a chance to capture objectives is far more frequent than getting a chance to repair. If a tower is under attack, equip all stability and invulnerability skills you have and run through the enemy zerg and start repairing. If it is a castle or keep, use a different entrance and avoid the enemy zerg. Often, you may not be so lucky as to have the objective in need of repair having supply to use for repairs. Go to different WvW maps like your garrison or keep in eternal battlegrounds for supply if you need to. Due to the scarcity of supply, it is recommended you do not use supply to build flame rams when following a zerg around until you have gotten this achievement to ensure you always have supply on hand in the event that a chance t repair presents itself.

For Demolition Expert, you need to destroy 30 gates or walls. You have to get credit for destroying the wall for it to count toward this achievement, meaning you should get wxp when a wall or gate is destroyed. Due to the buff to siege engine credit gain in the recent patch, it is now impossible to get credit for destroying a wall or gate without the use of a siege engine. Simply attacking the gate will not do enough damage to get you credit for destroying it. So, first, make sure you carry at least 30 flame ram blueprints with you before attempting this achievement. When running in a zerg, always try to run ahead of your zerg so you can reach towers, keeps or the castle first. Quickly throw down a flame ram blueprint before the commander of your zerg. People will start using their supply to build your ram first instead of any subsequent flame rams thrown down by the commander. This ensures that you will always be able to use a flame ram to damage a gate. If you are doing this on your own, use keep or tower supply to build a trebuchet at a safe location and destroy walls from afar. It is advised to build trebuchets in keeps as towers get taken too quickly and are less safe. If you are the one who threw down the blueprint, you can forcefully take control of the built siege engine even if someone else is using it.

Candy and More Achievements

Today I finished the last few Blood and Madness living story achievements. When you complete the meta achievement, you get a mini candy corn elemental and unlock three additional achievements.



Before you head to the Haunted Nolani Waypoint in the Black Citadel to finish up your achievements, make sure you have at least five candy corn in your inventory. It is also recommended to be in a party with at least two other full damage buit members. Head to the star icon on the map and talk to Tessi to begin the fight. When the Bloody Prince appears and turns red, stand next to him and quickly eat five candy corn. This should cause you to become sick and puke on Thorn, giving you the Upset Stomach achievement.

Now, to defeat Thorn, you have to stand in the pink glaze puddles that Tessi shoots on to the floor. This will allow you to damage Thorn. If you are not standing on a glaze puddle, your attacks will do 0 damage to Thorn. Occasionally, Thorn will vanish and summon minions. Stand in the glaze puddles to do double damage to these minions and kill them to get Thorn to reappear. Defeating him in less than a minute gets you Beaten Bloody. Watch the cutscenes and complete the instance to get You, Back in the Box! and a candy corn node in your home instance. Your personal candy corn node seems to give double the amount of candy corn than a regular candy corn node and can be mined once a day all year.



With all the achievement points I got from this living story, I finally reached 7000 achievement points. I picked the Zenith Short Bow this time.



Mini Caithe

Today I got a Mini Caithe from a Black Lion chest! 🙂 She’s so cute!


Blood and Madness: Achievement Guide

Okay so this is what I did to get all the current possible Blood and Madness living story achievements in under three hours.

Upon logging into Guild Wars 2 for the first time after the latest patch, you will receive a mail detailing the current living story. Waypoint to the Haunted Nolani Waypoint in the Black Citadel, talk to the living story representative and enter the story instance (it is advisable to bring condition removing skills for this instance). Follow the star marker until you reach Tassi (you can go around the second gate which is locked by using the hidden corridor on the side). When Bloody Prince Thorn appears, distract him by just autoattacking and surviving his conditions.  When Tassi tells you to throw everything at Thorn, pick up the random items on the ground and throw them at Thorn until the candy corn spawns at the perimeter of the room. Keep throwing candy corn at Thorn until he retreats. This completes Containment.

When you exit the instance, you will receive another mail from Tassi with 20 limited Halloween finishers. Use all of them and enter the Heart of the Mists (PvP). Equip whichever Halloween finisher you got in the mail and head north to the sparring NPCs area. Attack any profession sparring NPC (preferably one that your profession has no problems beating) until the NPc goes into downed state. Use a finishing move but cancel it before the animation completes. As long as the finishing animation starts, it counts toward the achievement. Repeat this 20 times and you will complete A Stomping Good Time.

Next, head to Queensdale, Kessex Hills or Gendarran Fields and find a Mad King Door or Bloody Prince Door. These doors disappear within 10 seconds to one minute of spawning so it is easier to camp a door’s spawn point since they respawn every one to three minutes. Upon activating a door, one of these things will randomly occur.

  • some Halloween foes spawn and the door disappears.
  • one to five Trick or Treat bags will spawn and are lootable, and the door disappears (low chance).
  • a door event starts (low chance).
  • the door opens and grants access to the Mad Labyrinth for one to three minutes (high chance).

You’ll want the fourth possibility to occur, so enter the Mad Labyrinth when that happens. Mad King Doors and Bloody Prince Doors in the Mad Labyrinth will always start door events when triggered. Now, just follow the zerg around completing door events and killing Halloween foes which all drop Trick or Treat bags. While following the zerg around, you will most likely encounter the Labyrinth Horror (spawns randomly anywhere in the Mad Labyrinth), Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn (door event in northwest corner) and the Skeletal Lich (door event in southeast corner). All these bosses are legendary ranked. Also, the trash foes in the Mad Labyrinth hit much harder than in the outer world. It is highly recommended to bring high armor, high health characters with plenty of condition removal (read: NO FULL BERSERKERS) to survive the Mad Labyrinth.

Killing all three legendary bosses will get you Bonebreaker, Candy Corn Crusher and Death to the Undying. Completing 50 door events will get you Shut the Doors. After completing 50 door events, you should have more than 50 Trick or Treat bags so open them all for Something Good to Eat. If you are short of 50 bags, buy some from the trading post.

Completing all of these achievements and the four daily living story achievements so far should put you at 11 out of 13 achievements for the meta reward. The last achievement, A Royal tradition, will only be obtainable on 30 October.