Monthly Achievement Guide: October 2013

It’s a new month so let’s get this out of the way, shall we?

  • Monthly Event Participation

As in previous months, there are several ways to do this efficiently. The first way is to farm events in Queensdale, which has the highest population of players at all times during the day and therefore more events can get done faster. Another method is to follow a zerg in WvW and complete objectives like defend keeps, capture towers etc. which all count as events. If you really want to finish this quickly, look out for Scarlet invasions and participate in those. 100 events must be completed *successfully* to complete this achievement.

  • Skill Point Amasser

Originally one of the hardest achievements to complete, there is now a really easy way to complete this in less than a minute with the introduction of Scrolls of Knowledge. Scrolls of Knowledge grant a character one instant skill point and they are found occasionally in champion loot bags. If you listened to my advice during the Queen’s Jubilee living story, you would have stored every Scroll of Knowledge you obtained on your level 80 characters in the bank and by now would have accumulated more than 40. So just take 40 of these scrolls out and use them. šŸ˜€ Also, I discovered that creating a new character and completing the introduction to gain access to the bank and using an Experience Scroll (instantly brings a character under level 20 to level 20; found in the 5000 achievement point reward chest and character first birthday gifts) will net you 18 skill point counts towards this achievement.

  • Monthly WvW Player Kills

The difficulty of the achievement depends on your server’s ability in WvW. Nevertheless, playing a little bit of WvW each day will get you 50 player kills by the end of the month. Follow a zerg and engage enemy zergs with AoE skills or use siege weapons to tag many players at once.

  • Champion Slayer

With so many additions to Tyria recently, there are plenty of ways to get 60 champion kills. You can camp in Queensdale which has champions up all the time, follow a zerg in WvW and capture objectives (towers, keeps and Stonemist Castle have champions), take part in Scarlet invasions (quite rare nowadays and less people do them so champion spawns are unreliable here) or you can run explorable dungeons which contain plenty of champions (I highly recommend doing this due to its synergy with another achievement this month).

  • Monthly Dungeon Participation

The easiest and quickest way to get this done is run Citadel of Flame path 1 ten times since each run takes only 10 minutes with a skilled party. However, that’s boring and not very rewarding so I suggest you run multiple paths of different dungeons.You need 10 dungeon runs (both story and explorable count) and you can get champion kills at the same time.

  • Puzzle Jumper

Ignore this if you are not extremely good with jumping or don’t have a mesmer friend who is extremely good at jumping.

  • Monthly Completionist

Simple but tedious, just finish 4 daily meta-achievements in the month of October.


I created my asura thief today. Meet Freya Rubyhair. Currently she’s at level 35 on the first day of creation. Levelling in PvE was so painfully slow and I kept dying to foes several levels below mine, so I spent the day levelling in WvW where there is safety in numbers.



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