Freya Rubyhair, the Ember

After four days of levelling, I have my seventh level 80 character, Freya Rubyhair who is an asura thief. I use 3 stat raising signets as utilities, Signet of Malice for draining attacks and a very short cooldown mini heal, and Dagger Storm for elite skill (though I have never once used Dagger Storm the entire time from level 1 to 80). My 2800 Citadel of Flame tokens saved me a ton of gold from having to not buy exotic armor and weapons from the trading post. However, I had to spend 54 gold on six Superior Runes of Divinity to reach 100% critical chance, maximize my insane 105% critical damage and maintain a decent amount of health (I have 15000 health). I use a mix of Berserker and Assassin trinkets and jewels to maximize my power while maintaining 100% critical chance.


Also, here is a picture of the Slickpack which you can obtain for completing the Twilight Assault living story meta-achievement. It looks cute on asura!


By the way, if you find it difficult to complete the new Aetherblade path in Twilight Arbor, you can quite easily complete the Twilight Assault meta-achievement by completing the daily living story achievements (a total of eight achievements from either the Twilight Arbor Aetherpath category, daily Twilight Assault achievements or a combination are needed to obtain the Slickpack). Everyday, the daily Twilight Assault achievement involves completing a story or explorable mode of Twilight Arbor or one of the other dungeons (rotated daily). Additionally, there is a daily achievement which requires you to make an Aetherblade key so unless you are going for the Aetherblade Chests in the Aetherpath, store all Aetherblade key fragments you get in the bank until this achievement rotates around.

I only have one more profession to level and one race I haven’t created. In approximately one month’s time, I shall start on my final character in Guild Wars 2, charr engineer. Until then, I shall be enjoying the world of Tyria with my seven level 80 characters.



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