Dyes on a Budget

Today I spent a little less than 10 gold to get all seven of my characters’ armour looking awesome in black/white dye combinations. How? For example, to get a white colour scheme without using celestial dye or white dye, which cost approximately 100 gold and 50 gold respectively, there is a much cheaper alternative known as winter ice dye which costs less than one gold (prices flunctuate between 80 to 83  silver)! And it looks exactly like celestial dye, only less strikingly bright, which in my opinion is an advantage over celestial dye simply because it doesn’t hurt my eyes to look at it. 🙂

And for black colour schemes, instead of using black dye (50 gold) or god forbid, abyss dye (over 200 gold O_o’), you can use any of the midnight dyes (midnight sky, midnight violet, midnight green etc.). Not only do most of them go for less than one gold, some actually look better than black on certain armours. Midnight ice dye is the perfect example. It looks blacker than black or abyss dye (however, it goes for approximately 12 gold so that may be a little too expensive for some people).

For red colour schemes, you can use scarlet, wrath or spitfire dye instead of the expensive blood dye.

For gold colour schemes, instead of buying the super expensive gold dye, you can use white gold dye for just a little over 1 gold to achieve a classy gold look!

Always experiment with new dyes you get to achieve a great look without spending too much gold!


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