Beigrath’s Warhammer

My mesmer finally reached 500 weaponsmithing two days ago and I decided to get rid of all the bloodstone bricks, empyreal stars, dragonite ingots, orichalcum ores and ancient wooden logs taking up space in my bank. So I crafted an ascended weapon.


I crafted Beigrath’s Warhammer which has Knight’s stats (toughness, power, precision) for my guardian. I really like the design, golden glowing carvings on a green (which incidentally is my favourite colour) ornate looking hammer. The difference in stats from my guardian’s old exotic hammer were only approximately 11 toughness, power and precision (which was enough to raise my critical chance by 1%), but the increase in damage was quite noticeable (approximately 50 minimum and maximum attack damage increase).

The ascended hammer came with one sigil slot and two offensive infusion slots. I still have not decided what to do with the offensive infusion slots. Versatile infusions are very expensive due to the need of a full stack of 250 tier 6 materials and 100 passionflowers for each recipe. On the other hand, offensive WvW infusions are very cheap for me because I have tons of badges of honour and the only limiting factor here is laurels. Also, I tend to use my guardian exclusively to run fractals and hardly WvW with her. What to do? 😦

On the bright side, this has been a good day for me. I got Genesis (rare exotic hammer which I sold for 30 gold on the trading post) from the Claw of Jormag event and I won all three of my daily PvP matches today. 🙂



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