Halloween in Tyria

As I am typing this post, I am downloading the latest living story patch for Guild Wars 2, Blood and Madness. I didn’t take part in last year’s Halloween event, so I don’t know what to expect coming into this year’s event. But along with the new living story, there are a couple of things that stood out as I read the patch notes.

  • A new achievement group has been added to the Living World category for WvW Season 1.

Yay! The WvW leagues have officially begun!

  • Stun breakers will now break launch effects.

This is a very good buff to stun breakers since most bosses have some form of launch. Now, you don’t have to wait until you hit the ground before using your stun breaker, you can do it mid air.

  • Tab targeting now prioritizes players over NPCs (including minions; mesmer clones are an exception) and champions over everything else.

Finally! Now world boss events should be much easier with ice storms and embers not screwing up targeting.

  • Vengeance: Players are now granted the same duration of invulnerability as rallying upon activation (1 second from 5 seconds).

NOOOOOO!!!! Half of my warrior PvP kills come in the 5 second invulnerability window. 😦

  • The WvW rank-up bonus chest now provides greater item rewards.

This is interesting. I’m curious to see how great the ‘greater item rewards’ is.

Two new living story daily achievements have also been added for today. It is recommended that you try to complete both as they count toward the 13 achievements needed for the meta reward. The first daily achievement requires you to eat 50 candy corn so if you didn’t take part in last year’s Halloween event, just buy 50 candy corn from the trading post for approximately 2 silver each and eat them. The second achievement requires you to carve five pumpkins. So far, I’ve found five pumpkins alone in Lion’s Arch. There are also pumpkins in the Mad King’s Labyrinth which you can access through doors in Queensdale, Kessex Hills and Gendarran Fields.



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