Demolition and Repair

I haven’t posted in a while because I’m trying to get all the WvW Leagues Season 1 achievements. Some of them are really tough to get especially since the time limit is only seven weeks. I managed to get two very difficult achievements out of the way yesterday.

For Seasonal Defense Restorer,  you need to use a whopping 500 supply to repair a gate or wall. Ordinarily, if you go about WvW the usual way following a zerg around, this will be near impossible to do. Keep an eye on the map chat and when someone shouts that a keep or tower or castle is under attack, break off from the zerg you are following and waypoint or run to that location immediately. Do not worry about losing additional objective captures as a chance to capture objectives is far more frequent than getting a chance to repair. If a tower is under attack, equip all stability and invulnerability skills you have and run through the enemy zerg and start repairing. If it is a castle or keep, use a different entrance and avoid the enemy zerg. Often, you may not be so lucky as to have the objective in need of repair having supply to use for repairs. Go to different WvW maps like your garrison or keep in eternal battlegrounds for supply if you need to. Due to the scarcity of supply, it is recommended you do not use supply to build flame rams when following a zerg around until you have gotten this achievement to ensure you always have supply on hand in the event that a chance t repair presents itself.

For Demolition Expert, you need to destroy 30 gates or walls. You have to get credit for destroying the wall for it to count toward this achievement, meaning you should get wxp when a wall or gate is destroyed. Due to the buff to siege engine credit gain in the recent patch, it is now impossible to get credit for destroying a wall or gate without the use of a siege engine. Simply attacking the gate will not do enough damage to get you credit for destroying it. So, first, make sure you carry at least 30 flame ram blueprints with you before attempting this achievement. When running in a zerg, always try to run ahead of your zerg so you can reach towers, keeps or the castle first. Quickly throw down a flame ram blueprint before the commander of your zerg. People will start using their supply to build your ram first instead of any subsequent flame rams thrown down by the commander. This ensures that you will always be able to use a flame ram to damage a gate. If you are doing this on your own, use keep or tower supply to build a trebuchet at a safe location and destroy walls from afar. It is advised to build trebuchets in keeps as towers get taken too quickly and are less safe. If you are the one who threw down the blueprint, you can forcefully take control of the built siege engine even if someone else is using it.


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