I had a very bad day today. Throughout the day, I participated in three successful captures of Stonemist Castle (SMC) and did not receive event credit at all from any of the captures. I come from an underdog server, Kaineng, and we are always heavily outnumbered in WvW so successful captures of SMC are few and far between. If I had gotten credit for those three captures, I would have completed Castles in the Air today. But alas, when I searched online, I realised that this was a known bug that has been around since the launch of Guild Wars 2.

The dreaded ‘no event credit’ bug does not only happen in SMC captures, it can also occur in lesser objectives such as keeps, towers, sentry points, camps and caravans. In fact. it can even happen in dynamic events in PvE! Apparently, this bug is caused by event credit being a limited number. Only 50 people can receive credit from an event regardless of however many people took part in the event. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

After much searching, I discovered a workaround. Parties count as one person when event credit is being divided. So the soloution to make sure as many people receive credit as possible is to get everyone participating to form parties of five. More parties reduce the number of potential credit receivers. Also, you stand a better chance to tag an event in a party since all members of a party share total damage dealt. Plus, being in a party passively boosts your magic find significantly and you tend to get more loot.

I tested this ‘solution’ an hour ago and it worked!  I finally got my first SMC event credit of the day on my fourth capture while in party. So party up to avoid not getting credit!



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