Tower of Nightmares: Achievement Guide

Okay this latest living story’s achievements may look deceivingly painful, but it actually isn’t (if you know what you’re doing). I finished all 11 achievements in slightly less than 8 hours. Let’s get started.

Firstly, you need 14 achievements from a combination of daily living story achievements and Tower of Nightmares achievements. Since there are only 11 Tower of Nightmares achievements, you need to complete at least three additional associated daily living story achievements to obtain the meta-achievement. Depending on your level and profession, as well as your game experience, you may want to complete more daily living story achievements as some of the Tower of Nightmares achievements can only be done on a high level character.

Start by entering Kessex Hills. If your character is higher than level 25, you will automatically enter the single-player story instance. Just proceed with the story and fight off numerous Toxic Alliance foes (comprising of krait and Nightmare Court). These Toxic versions of the Nightmare Court are significantly tougher to kill as when you defeat them they go into downed state and should be finished off with a finishing move before they can rally. The Toxic versions of the krait are just insanely buffed krait with access to more AoE conditions than their normal counterparts. Be warned that at the end of the instance you will face a champion toxic krait (with the help of two allies). Try to keep your allies alive as long as possible as they will draw aggro away from you. I’m not sure if the instance scales with level since I entered with a level 80 and all the foes were level 80 as well. Nevertheless, it is advised to take your higher level character, preferably one with decent condition removal and survivability. Finishing the instance completes A Nightmare Unveiled.

Next, you will be transported to the normal version of Kessex Hills. Talk to Priory Arcanist Dolja (marked with a blue-green shard icon on the map) to get a Krait Obelisk Shard Transcriber. Follow Duffy’s incredibly helpful guide to the locations of the 24 krait obelisk shards all over Tyria with this link: Most shards are underwater, but a few are on land and some even high up on krait towers. They are all marked with a blue-green shard icon over them (not marked on the map) and these icons can be seen from quite far away. Just pan your camera around when you’re in the vicinity. Also take note that each of these shards are guarded by one toxic krait and one veteran toxic krait, and often located in areas with plenty of nearby hostile foes. It is advised (but not necessary) to bring a friend or party along when finding the shards in higher level maps. Transcribing all 24 shards gets you a rare scroll of knowledge (gives five skill points) and Toxic Krait Historian.

Now, complete 25 Toxic Offshoot events (marked with an orange flower icon on map) in Kessex Hills, Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Brisban Wildlands, Queensdale, Gendarran Fields or Eternal Battlegrounds. Toxic Offshoot events come in three types: golem, powder keg and mortar. For the golem type, you need to escort a golem to an offshoot and protect it while it destroys the offshoot. For powder keg type, you need to pick up bombs from three nearby Whispers agents and plant them at the base of the offshoot. Note that you cannot pick up bombs if the Whispers agents are dead so revive them quickly and protect them. For mortr type, you have to keep up to three mortar agents alive until they destroy the offshoot. You will definitely do at least three of each event type in 25 events so don’t bother hunting for each type specifically. Visit Kessex Hills, Queensdale, gendarran Fields, Caledon Forest and Brisban Wildlands and complete at least one Toxic Offshoot event in each. Then, to complete the remainder of the 25 events quickly, Kessex Hills is the recommended map as it has the fastest event respawn timers of all the above maps. Doing the above gets you Toxic Weed Whacker, Toxic Siege Gardener, Toxic Demolitionist Gardener, Toxic Golem Gardener and Toxic Global Gardener.

After each Toxic Offshoot event is completed, remember to gather at the harvesting node left behind at the orange flower icon. After 25 events, you should have more than 50 Pristine Toxic Spore Samples to turn in to Marjory (gold star icon on Kessex Hills map) for Toxic Spore Sampler. If you’re lacking a few, buy some off the trading post or do a few more Toxic Offshoot events.

By now you should have more than 100 Toxic Alliance kills for Toxic Alliance Slayer. If you still lack some kills, here’s a tip. Not only Toxic foes count for this achievement. ALL krait and Nightmare Court foes count, including the low level ones in Caledon Forest. There are a lot of easily farmable Nightmare court at the Twilight Arbor waypoint.

Now for the last two achievements. For Toxic Spore Cleanser, the easiest way I managed to get 25 corrupted champion kills is to do the champion train in Queensdale for approximately 4 hours. Only champions and veterans with the Toxic Corruption condition count toward this achievement, and everytime a champ spawns, there is only a small chance that it will have that condition. Some champions seem to have it at a higher percentage of the time, but it is all random so be patient.

For Krait Bane, you have to defeat the krait witches in Caledon Forest, Kessex Hills and Timberline Falls. You have to defeat each of them at least once, defeating the same krait witch multiple times does not progress the achievement. I advise you to guest on a high population server and tag along with people to kill these champions as hardly anyone does them.


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