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Whew! The new living story is out today, and the new fractals are insane! The meta this time is also very straightforward (but how easy it is depends on your own resources, luck and skill); requiring 11 achievements from the Fractured living story tab or daily fractal runner (which will appear everyday for these two weeks) or a combination of both. Since five new fractals have been added (three regular fractals and two boss fractals), and a boss fractal appears after every set of three fractals on every level scale (not just even numbered level scales now); it is now possible and relatively easy to encounter at least 11 unique fractals just by doing three to four sets of fractals (total of 12 to 16 fractals). As a benchmark, I got my 11th unique fractal on my 13th fractal.

Also, now you can get one pristine fractal relic a day from the newly added daily reward chest from completing a set of fractals so be sure to complete at least one set a day. Pristine fractal relics can be used to buy ascended rings at 10 pristine fractal relics a piece. That’s cheap!

I have yet to encounter two of the three new regular fractals but I’ve done both new boss fractals. Here’s some tips for the new boss fractals.

  • Molten Boss Fractal

Start by killing the Molten Berserker as quickly as possible. Focus all damage on the Berserker and evade the AoEs thrown by the flying Molten Firestorm. Note that you have to evade the shockwaves by the Berserker, you cannot jump over them like Tequatl. Do not split the damage between the two because once one is killed, the other regenerates to full health. Assuming you killed the Berserker first, the arena becomes smaller. Just focus damage on the Firestorm and avoid AoEs as before and you’re done. The hard part is killing the Berserker while the duo are alive because they do a lot of AoE together. You can get an extra achievement for evading all shockwaves by the Berserker during the fight.

  • Captain Mai Trin Fractal

If this is your first time doing this fractal, focus damage on Horrik and kill him while ignoring Mai Trin for an achievement. He will regenerate to full health when killed. The real objective of this fractal is to kill Mai Trin. Lure Mai Trin into Horrik’s AoEs to remove her shield. I found it easier to do this with a tank character who can take some damage from standing in the AoE while holding Mai Trin there. Once her 10 stacks of shielding is down, focus damage on Mai Trin while avoiding Horrik’s AoEs. At every 25% health interval, Mai Trin will teleport to the upper cannons and unleash several waves of hundreds of AoEs with Horrik. Dodge, heal, block and do whatever you can to survive this onslaught. Do not attempt to raise fallen allies during the cannon phase. After the cannon phase is over, repeat the previous steps until Mai Trin is dead, then kill Horrik. The best time to raise allies is during the shield phase. Have the tank kite Mai Trin and one or two other members raise fallen allies.


The Emperor

Today I finally bought my last 24 pieces of tier 3 cultural armor for charr, norn, asura and sylvari; thus completing the Fashion achievements tab and obtaining the title The Emperor. Using fine transmutation stones, I updated all my characters’ armors. Total cost (including the fine transmutation stones) was roughly 500 gold, but it was worth the USD100. Check out my final character designs line up.










Now, I’ll probably save my gold for Abyss and Celestial Dyes; also might consider saving up for a legendary weapon.

Elayna Trueshot Reborn

I retraited and bought exotic gear for my sylvari ranger today. When she was levelling, she was using a critical beastmaster build (which you can find here:, but since she’s level 80 now and to be more viable for dungeons, I retraited her into a condition damage trap build with 10/30/30/0/0. Instead of using sword/warhorn and shortbow, I changed her sword to axe for more bleed stacks. Also, her elite is now Entangle which does 14000 damage of bleeding in an AoE, instead of her old Rampage as One which is better suited for beastmaster builds.



I found that Twilight Arbor medium armor actually looks quite elegant, and certainly much better than most other medium armor.

With that, all my characters are fully geared and viable for all endgame content. For my next project, I will be aiming for my last 24 pieces of tier 3 cultural armor for the Fashion achievements. Only 50 gold left to farm.

Amber Dawnrose Reborn

Today I finally retraited my elementalist, Amber Dawnrose, and bought her long overdue exotic gear. Now she is running a 0/10/0/30/30 regen arcana build which allows for long lasting boons (especially regeneration), massive healing, multiple condition removal and damage through always critical arcane utility skills. I saved 20 gold on Valkyrie armor by crafting it myself instead of buying it off the trading post. Valkyrie armor is very expensive because it can only be obtained via crafting. I also bought a full set of human cultural tier 3 armor to transmute on to her new exotic armor because crafted Exalted gear is ugly.Take at look at her Sorceror’s armor. 🙂


I took her new build on a dungeon run to test out her survivability. Compared to her previous levelling build were she got one-shotted by almost everything, she now only dies when the party wipes and can often be the last one standing. She can soak up several hits and quickly heal back with so much regen. Also, conditions are not a problem because of the traits Cleansing Wave and Cleansing Water which remove a condition upon attunement to water and upon granting regen to herself or an ally.

Overall, I’d say this retrait is a success. Next project is retraiting and exotic gearing my sylvari ranger.


He’s a Pirate

Check out this awesome Pirates of the Caribbean acapella medley by Peter Hollens and the Gardiner Sisters.

You should also check out Peter Hollens’ other acapella covers of various game and movie soundtracks such as Skyrim and Game of Thrones.

Kara Garnetblaze, the Cinder

Yay! Reached level 80 on my charr engineer in 3 days! Here’s a picture of her.


Also, I made an Infinite Toxic Krait Tonic which transforms you into a toxic krait.



For my next project, I’ll be rebuilding my elementalist so I can take her on dungeon runs.


Nightmarish Tower

Today is the first day of the new living story, the Nightmare Within. Unlike recent previous living stories, you can finish the meta (10 achievements from the Nightmare Within and/or daily living story achievements) on the first day to obtain the meta reward, Gas Mask Skin. However, these achievements are extremely difficult to complete if you are on a low population server. My advice is to guest on one of the high population servers like Tarnished Coast or Blackgate and try to get into overflow. Most of the achievements are pretty self-explanatory. The nine nightmare chambers are located on the map below.



Be warned that some of the chambers are located at the end of a crossroads with the other end being the way forward. It is advised to follow a commander who is giving a tour of the tower to visit each chamber in order to not get lost. I managed to solo the final story instance on my guardian but it is definitely easier and faster to do it with a party. Clearing the final story instance at the top of the tower unlocks an additional two achievements, one of which awards the Mini Toxic Nimross. So cute! ❤


My Final Journey

Today is my guardian Valeria Stormheart’s first Guild Wars 2 birthday which means I received another Experience Scroll. So all was ready for me to start on my final profession, engineer. The first thing I noticed when playing engineer in the tutorial instance was that the weapon damage is really, really low. I’m talking single digit damage here. Therefore, using a kit is pretty much required. I struggled even against low level wurms and skale even at level 20. When I reached level 35 and got my tier 1 cultural armor, survivability was a lot easier. I love WvW as an engineer. The grenade kit is so fun to spam on enemy zergs, and the flamethrower kit simply melts gates. I’m quite pleased with my progress, reached level 48 on day 1 of creation. Meet Kara Garnetblaze, my charr engineer.


Zenith Cesta

Today I reached the 8000 achievement points mark and unlocked my sixth Zenith skin, the Zenith Cesta which is a sceptre skin.



Here’s a tip for quickly farming rank points for Monthly Rank Points and getting quick achievement points. Daily activities (Sanctum Sprint, Southsun Survival, Crab Toss, Keg Brawl, Lunatic Inquisition) all give rank points at the end of each round. This lets you level up your PvP rank without participating in actual PvP! Completing daily activities a certain number of times also awards five achievement points and you can do this an infinite number of times. However, the only activities worth doing repeatedly are Sanctum Sprint because rank points are awarded as soon as you complete the course (the better you are at the course, the more points per hour you can get); and Southsun Survival because it gives five achievement points every six rounds completed.

Monthly Achievement Guide: November 2013

Okay so this month’s achievements are all familiar so I’m just going to lay down the quickest route to getting your monthly meta-achievement as well as finishing up any outstanding achievements if you want the extra achievement points.

Firstly, do your daily meta-achievement (complete five out of the 12 possible daily achievements). You should be doing this everyday so just do complete four daily meta-achievements to get Monthly Completionist.

Next, remember how I advised you to stockpile salvage items in your bank? With no Monthly Salvage Kit Usages for the past two months, you should have more than 500 salvage items (possibly more, I had 1700 earlier this morning) sitting in your bank waiting to be salvaged. Buy 20 basic salvage kits and salvage 500 salvage items to get Monthly Salvage Kit Usages. Remember, use only basic salvage kits to save costs. Since salvage items do not have upgrade components and don’t yield essences of luck, it is a waste of gold to use any salvage kit higher than basic. You could use crude salvage kits, but you would have to buy more and the difference in cost from buying basic salvage kits is negligible.

Now, to kill three birds with one stone, go to WvW and follow a zerg around capturing objectives. All WvW objectives whether capturing, defending and sometimes even escorting count as events. Towers, keeps and mercenary camps each contain one champion. So if you spend a few hours in WvW, you can finish Monthly Successful Events (100 successful events, failed events do not count), Champion Slayer (60 champions killed) and Monthly WvW Player Kills (50 enemy invaders killed in WvW). It is advised to bring a high level character with access to high damage AoE skills to make it easier to get 50 enemy invader kills quickly.

If you’re bored of WvW or your server is naturally weak at WvW, you can join the champion farming train in Queensdale or Frostgorge Sound (level 75+). This alternative will let you complete Champion Slayer quicker but Monthly Successful Events slightly slower. Also, you will not get progress toward Monthly WvW Player Kills in PvE. If you have a level 75+ character, it is more profitable and quicker to complete these two achievements in Frostgorge Sound as the champion train route there has more champions than in Queensdale.

Now we come to the two hardest achievements this month. Fractal Frequenter requires you to complete 10 fractals. Everytime you enter a fractal, you’re actually join a set of three fractals (odd-numbered difficulty scales) or four fractals (even-numbered difficulty scales). If you back out halfway during the set, you will not be able to increase your personal reward scale. However, that is a different story as our target here is just completing 10 fractals. The quickest way to complete 10 fractals is to participate in 4 level one fractal sets (each level one fractal set has three fractals). However, that would not be very profitable so it is up to you to weigh whether completing this monthly achievment quickly is worth giving up some loot and character rewards.

Lastly, we have Puzzle Jumper which requires you to complete 12 unique jumping puzzles. Note that they must be unique, completing the same jumping puzzle multiple times does not give any more progress than the first time. If you have a mesmer friend who is good at jumping puzzles, you may try to attempt this. If not, ignore this achievement. However, be on the lookout for mesmers shouting about giving free portals to jumping puzzle chests in map chat and you may get a few jumping puzzles completed by the end of the month.

On a side note, this is a picture of the Krait Obelisk Shard you get as the meta-reward for completing the Tower of Nightmares meta-achievement. It acts as a one-time skill point and a place of power to charge quartz crystals once a day. Also, its a really nice piece of furniture for your home instance. 🙂