Zenith Cesta

Today I reached the 8000 achievement points mark and unlocked my sixth Zenith skin, the Zenith Cesta which is a sceptre skin.



Here’s a tip for quickly farming rank points for Monthly Rank Points and getting quick achievement points. Daily activities (Sanctum Sprint, Southsun Survival, Crab Toss, Keg Brawl, Lunatic Inquisition) all give rank points at the end of each round. This lets you level up your PvP rank without participating in actual PvP! Completing daily activities a certain number of times also awards five achievement points and you can do this an infinite number of times. However, the only activities worth doing repeatedly are Sanctum Sprint because rank points are awarded as soon as you complete the course (the better you are at the course, the more points per hour you can get); and Southsun Survival because it gives five achievement points every six rounds completed.


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