My Final Journey

Today is my guardian Valeria Stormheart’s first Guild Wars 2 birthday which means I received another Experience Scroll. So all was ready for me to start on my final profession, engineer. The first thing I noticed when playing engineer in the tutorial instance was that the weapon damage is really, really low. I’m talking single digit damage here. Therefore, using a kit is pretty much required. I struggled even against low level wurms and skale even at level 20. When I reached level 35 and got my tier 1 cultural armor, survivability was a lot easier. I love WvW as an engineer. The grenade kit is so fun to spam on enemy zergs, and the flamethrower kit simply melts gates. I’m quite pleased with my progress, reached level 48 on day 1 of creation. Meet Kara Garnetblaze, my charr engineer.



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