Amber Dawnrose Reborn

Today I finally retraited my elementalist, Amber Dawnrose, and bought her long overdue exotic gear. Now she is running a 0/10/0/30/30 regen arcana build which allows for long lasting boons (especially regeneration), massive healing, multiple condition removal and damage through always critical arcane utility skills. I saved 20 gold on Valkyrie armor by crafting it myself instead of buying it off the trading post. Valkyrie armor is very expensive because it can only be obtained via crafting. I also bought a full set of human cultural tier 3 armor to transmute on to her new exotic armor because crafted Exalted gear is ugly.Take at look at her Sorceror’s armor. 🙂


I took her new build on a dungeon run to test out her survivability. Compared to her previous levelling build were she got one-shotted by almost everything, she now only dies when the party wipes and can often be the last one standing. She can soak up several hits and quickly heal back with so much regen. Also, conditions are not a problem because of the traits Cleansing Wave and Cleansing Water which remove a condition upon attunement to water and upon granting regen to herself or an ally.

Overall, I’d say this retrait is a success. Next project is retraiting and exotic gearing my sylvari ranger.



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