Elayna Trueshot Reborn

I retraited and bought exotic gear for my sylvari ranger today. When she was levelling, she was using a critical beastmaster build (which you can find here: https://demirincar.wordpress.com/2013/06/28/pve-ranger-build-critical-beastmaster/), but since she’s level 80 now and to be more viable for dungeons, I retraited her into a condition damage trap build with 10/30/30/0/0. Instead of using sword/warhorn and shortbow, I changed her sword to axe for more bleed stacks. Also, her elite is now Entangle which does 14000 damage of bleeding in an AoE, instead of her old Rampage as One which is better suited for beastmaster builds.



I found that Twilight Arbor medium armor actually looks quite elegant, and certainly much better than most other medium armor.

With that, all my characters are fully geared and viable for all endgame content. For my next project, I will be aiming for my last 24 pieces of tier 3 cultural armor for the Fashion achievements. Only 50 gold left to farm.


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