Whew! The new living story is out today, and the new fractals are insane! The meta this time is also very straightforward (but how easy it is depends on your own resources, luck and skill); requiring 11 achievements from the Fractured living story tab or daily fractal runner (which will appear everyday for these two weeks) or a combination of both. Since five new fractals have been added (three regular fractals and two boss fractals), and a boss fractal appears after every set of three fractals on every level scale (not just even numbered level scales now); it is now possible and relatively easy to encounter at least 11 unique fractals just by doing three to four sets of fractals (total of 12 to 16 fractals). As a benchmark, I got my 11th unique fractal on my 13th fractal.

Also, now you can get one pristine fractal relic a day from the newly added daily reward chest from completing a set of fractals so be sure to complete at least one set a day. Pristine fractal relics can be used to buy ascended rings at 10 pristine fractal relics a piece. That’s cheap!

I have yet to encounter two of the three new regular fractals but I’ve done both new boss fractals. Here’s some tips for the new boss fractals.

  • Molten Boss Fractal

Start by killing the Molten Berserker as quickly as possible. Focus all damage on the Berserker and evade the AoEs thrown by the flying Molten Firestorm. Note that you have to evade the shockwaves by the Berserker, you cannot jump over them like Tequatl. Do not split the damage between the two because once one is killed, the other regenerates to full health. Assuming you killed the Berserker first, the arena becomes smaller. Just focus damage on the Firestorm and avoid AoEs as before and you’re done. The hard part is killing the Berserker while the duo are alive because they do a lot of AoE together. You can get an extra achievement for evading all shockwaves by the Berserker during the fight.

  • Captain Mai Trin Fractal

If this is your first time doing this fractal, focus damage on Horrik and kill him while ignoring Mai Trin for an achievement. He will regenerate to full health when killed. The real objective of this fractal is to kill Mai Trin. Lure Mai Trin into Horrik’s AoEs to remove her shield. I found it easier to do this with a tank character who can take some damage from standing in the AoE while holding Mai Trin there. Once her 10 stacks of shielding is down, focus damage on Mai Trin while avoiding Horrik’s AoEs. At every 25% health interval, Mai Trin will teleport to the upper cannons and unleash several waves of hundreds of AoEs with Horrik. Dodge, heal, block and do whatever you can to survive this onslaught. Do not attempt to raise fallen allies during the cannon phase. After the cannon phase is over, repeat the previous steps until Mai Trin is dead, then kill Horrik. The best time to raise allies is during the shield phase. Have the tank kite Mai Trin and one or two other members raise fallen allies.


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