Monthly Achievement Guide: December 2013

It’s Christmas month! Okay, let’s get down to business. This month’s achievements can be completed within a span of 12 hours. Follow these steps.

  1. Start by doing your daily achievements (at least five for the daily reward). This will contribute toward Monthly Completionist, so you will need to do your dailies another 3 more days to complete it (you should be doing them everyday anyway). After salvaging blue and green equipment dropped from mobs while doing daily achievements, save all the essences of luck you obtain. These will be used later, do not use them each individually.
  2. Go to WvW and follow the zerg around until you get 50 enemy player kills for Monthly WvW Player Kills. Whenever you encounter enemy zergs, spam AoEs as widely as possible to tag as many players as possible. Do not chase off after individual enemy players on your own, this will get you killed. Use siege engines such as arrow carts and ballistae if available. Along the way to 50 player kills, you should also have captured a few objectives and contribute toward Monthly Successful Events and Champion Slayer. Remember to hoard essences of luck.
  3. Unfortunately, after the recent patch, objectives in WvW no longer count as group events. Therefore, we’ll have to get them via champion trains. Join the Frostgorge Sound champion train until you have 40 monthly champions slain. This requires a level 80 character. If your character is below level 80, refer to the next step.
  4. Champions in Frostgorge Sound are not associated with a group event. So, join the Queensdale champion train for 20 group events involving champions to complete Champion Slayer and Monthly Group Event Completer at the same time. Keep hoarding those essences of luck.
  5. Now, use artificing crafting discipline to refine essences of luck (10 luck) into 50 luck (masterwork), then 100 luck (rare) and finally 200 luck (exotic). That should get you more than 60 masterwork or higher crafted items for Monthly Masterwork Crafter. This can be done at artificing level 0.

Skip Puzzle Jumper. It is not worth the time or effort.



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