Brace Yourselves, Ascended Armour is Coming

So the next living story has been announced for December 10, and it’s Wintersday! Along with it comes some good news and bad news. The good news is tailoring, armoursmithing and leatherworking caps will be increased to 500 and ascended armour crafting will be possible! However, I suspect that getting these three crafts to 500 will take significantly more gold than getting weaponsmithing, artificing and huntsman to 500. This is because cloth crafting materials have always been more much expensive than ores and logs. Luckily, it is balanced by the relatively cheap leather materials.

A tip I would like to share with you guys is to stop refining all ascended materials you obtain until December 10. Save all the Bloodstone Dust, Empyreal Fragments and Dragonite Ore in your bank until you reach 450 in one of the three newly promoted crafts. Then convert them all at once while using a crafting booster for massive crafting experience gain. This should get you from 450 to 475 using minimal gold. For added effect, do this at the end of a week when the crafting critical success % of your server in WvW is highest. Also, be sure to wait until the patch is out before buying and converting gems to gold so that you can get the best conversion rate.

Now, the bad news is that a lot of traits across all professions are getting horribly nerfed and reshuffled. So that means you’ll have to check and make sure your builds are not affected by any of the trait changes on December 10. If they are, there’s no other option but to retrait (and possibly rebuild, ie. wasting more gold on new equipment and fine transmutation stones).



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