Yaks and the End of WvW Leagues Season One

Today the WvW Leagues season one ended and season one reward chests were awarded. My server, Kaineng got 7th place and here’s what was inside my chest.


Contents of 7th place WvW Leagues season one reward chest:

  • Mini Yak
  • 3 Tastes of Liquid WXP
  • 100 dragonite ore
  • 100 empyreal fragments
  • 5 tomes of knowledge
  • 5 scrolls of knowledge
  • 3 masterwork equipment
  • essence of luck (legendary, +500 luck)

The best reward out of all the chest contents is definitely the 3 tastes of liquid WXP, which grants 15000 WXP altogether, equivalent to 3 WvW ranks. After using them, I am now rank 442. Below is a picture of the mini yak.



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