The Nightmare is Over: Achievement Guide

For this meta achievement, you need a total of 12 achievements from daily The Nightmare is Over achievmeents and achievements from the Nightmare is Over living story tab. The meta reward is a crappy Tricolor Key, but let’s just do it for the achievement points.

The first time you enter Kessex Hills after this latest patch, you will automatically be transported to The Nightmare’s End story instance. Talk to Marjory. Interact with the Antitoxin Injector and later interact with the Vine Passage (hold CTRL and rotate your camera if you can’t find it). You will enter a room with four puzzles. There are two achievements for this part.

  • Nightmare Terminator: Choose all combat options for the puzzles. Be warned that several foes will spawn for each puzzle so prepare accordingly before triggering the combat option. You will then get this achievement when you finish the story instance.
  • Nightmare Euthanizer: Solve all puzzles. A guide to the puzzles written by Duffy can be found here: .

You can only get one of the two achievements the first time you finish the story instance. Then, you have to go back to Thinder Ridge Camp and talk to Marjory’s Assistant Dee to replay the story instance and finish it a second time using the path you did not do the first time. Completing th story instance the first time also gets you Nightmare Ender.

Next, for Aftermath Treasure Hunter, you need to open the Tricolor Chest five times. If you didnt have any Tricolor Keys left, buy three fragments a day from Dee and open it everyday until you get it.

Your next stop is Viathan Waypoint at Viathan Lake. Here, you have to follow the zerg around completing 10 Viathan Lake events for Aftermath Viathan Cleaner. Only the toxic alchemist, toxic spider queen and toxic wurm queen count as Viathan Lake events. Killing each champion also gets you Aftermath Toxic Counteragent, Aftermath Arachnicide and Aftermath Vermicide accordingly.

After getting each of the last three achievements, you unlock a corresponding achievement.

  • Aftermath Toxic Counteragent unlocks Aftermath Detoxifier. At the moment this is bugged.
  • Aftermath Arachnicide unlocks Aftermath Cobweb Cleaner. The toxic spider queen frequently puts players who have aggro in cocoons. These cocoons break in 3-4 hits so be quick to target them when you see them. It is easier to do this offpeak with less than five people in a zerg to spot the cocoons more easily.
  • Aftermath Vermicide unlocks Aftermath Shockwave Jumper. You need to jump over (not dodge) the line shockwaves released by the toxic wurm queen. She will bow her head to the ground just before she does this attack so spam jump when you see this. It is easier to do this with a small zerg stacking in one spot so that whoever the shockwaves target will hit all players and allow all of them to get credit by jumping.



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