A Very Merry Wintersday: Achievement Guide

Since there are so many activities this Wintersday, I’ll just give you a brief guide on what to do for each activity and a few tips for some of the more difficult achievements and you can complete the fairly straightforward achievements by yourselves. To complete the A Very Merry Wintersday meta achievement and obtain the reward (one of five past Wintersday minis or a Generous Wintersday Gift which contains 10 Giant Wintersday Gifts), you need to complete a total of 20 daily Wintersday achievements and achievements from the Wintersday living story tab.

  • Snowball Mayhem

This is an 8 versus 8 team capture the flag game where you have to pick up presents from a middle spawn point and return them  to your team’s drop zone at base. You can choose three different classes each with five different weapon skills so play around and find which one you like best and stick with it. You also have a sixth profession-determined skill that changes based on your current profession. Just try different combinations of professions and classes and have fun. For the Regifter achievement, I used a warrior/scout combination. At the start of the match, immediately Snowblind for swiftess and run to the swiftness power up near your base. Keep running toward the present spawn point. Hopefully you reach there first. Snowblind again and use Rush and dodge all the way back to your base. Snowball Mayhem also counts as an activity for the Daily Activity Participation achievement.

  • Tixx’s Infinitarium

Enter the dungeon alone but do not begin the dungeon. Destroy every piece of breakable diorama for Wintersday Wrecking Ball. This lets you complete this achievement without worrying about foes or party disconnects. Now, exit, find a party and play the dungeon normally. It is the same dungeon as last year’s Tixx’s Infinitarium. When you defeat Toxx and complete the dungeon, you get Honourary Krewe Member.

  • Toypocalypse

Unlike last year, you have to form a party of five before you enter. This is a tower defense game and you have to protect five dolyaks in the centre platform from ten rounds of waves of toys. Toxx will spawn at the end of every alternate round as a boss that is harder to kill than normal toys. Some general tips are:

  1. Equip the toysmasher and destroy diorama for snow and scraps to build siege and defense. Siege kills toys much faster than you can.
  2. Use scraps to only build catapults and never ballista.
  3. Use snow to only build ice walls to block off paths to the centre platform. Building one or two snowmen to slow Toxx is okay but don’t waste too much snow on snowmen.
  4. When Toxx appears, equip the pop cap rifle and snipe Toxx from a distance to deal a lot of damage.
  5. Save hay that spawns between rounds for dolyaks that reach half health. Don’t waste hay on healing nearly full health dolyaks.

You will get Nothing But Broken Toys after surviving 50 waves and Dolyak Defender if you survive all 10 rounds with at least one dolyak still alive.

  • Donation Escort

Donate three silver to Ho Ho Tron or Marcello for Silver for the Season and three gold for Golden Generosity. When the donation bar is full, the donation dolyak will start to move to the Lion’s Arch Gate Hub. You have to protect it from skritt. When skritt attack, it is far easier to just kick them rather than throw snowballs at them. Along the way, the dolyak will drop presents. Pick 25 up for Finder Keepers. At the end of the route, a boss skritt will spawn. Throw snowballs at him until he is defeated. The dolyak will complete its route and you get Donation Defender.

  • Bell Choir

This is a rhythm game like O2Jam or Guitar Hero.Position your camera in a bird’s eye view. When the notes enter the inner blue circle, hit the corresponding skill. If you can’t keep track of all the notes or the harder songs, it is safer to not be greedy and instead focus on 6-8 lines instead of all 10 lines. The notes you hit correctly will heal you for the damage you take for missed notes in lines you ignored. Hit 500 notes correctly for Ringing the Right Notes.

After doing all of the activities, you should have more than 50 gifts to open for Wrapping Everywhere. If you are short, buy some from the trading post. You should also have Toy Quality Control if you personally used a weapon (toysmasher is recommended) to kill 100 toys in Toypocalypse.




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